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Caltrans' Local Assistance Program oversees more than one billion dollars annually available to over 600 cities, counties and regional agencies for the purpose of improving their transportation infrastructure or providing transportation services.  This funding comes from various Federal and State programs specifically designed to assist the transportation needs of local agencies.  Annually, over 1,200 new projects are authorized through the Local Assistance Program of which approximately 700 are construction projects.

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For question(s) related to local transportation project(s), please Contact Local Assistance District Offices. For DLA HQ, you may fill DLA-HQ Engagement Form. Otherwise, please contact the appropriate Caltrans Office or Program.

Agency Toolbox for Getting Started with Caltrans

The Risk Assessment Program is a key process in securing a Master Agreement and ultimately state or federal funding with Caltrans. Please visit here to learn more: Local Public Agency Certification (Risk Assessment) Program

For new agencies wanting to learn more about this process, please visit our New Agencies Webpage

Please visit our Master Agreement Webpage


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