Preliminary Engineering Phase Over 10 Years

Headquarters, Division of Local Assistance (DLA), Office of Project Implementation South, in coordination with District Local Assistance Engineers (DLAEs), reviews and prepares Time Extension Requests for all projects that have not proceeded out of the Preliminary Engineering Phase within 10 years of the initial project authorization. DLA monitors and reports annually to FHWA concerning progress.

Code of Federal Regulations 23 CFR 630.112 (C)(2) (PDF)

United States Code Title 23 Section 102(b) (PDF)

In the event that right-of-way acquisition for, or actual construction of, the road for which this preliminary engineering is undertaken is not started by the close of the tenth fiscal year following the fiscal year in which the project is authorized, the STD will repay to the FHWA the sum or sums of Federal funds paid to the transportation department under the terms of the agreement. The State may request a time extension for any preliminary engineering project beyond the 10-year limit with no repayment of Federal funds, and the FHWA may approve this request if it is considered reasonable.

NOTE: All approved Preliminary Engineering Time Extension Requests may be de-obligated for any unexpended balances that are not invoiced within the time frames designated in 23 CFR 630.106 (PDF)

Time Extension Requests are submitted electronically :

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