Caltrans Oversight Information Notice (COIN)

The Caltrans Local Assistance Program Caltrans Oversight Information Notice, or "COIN" for short, are single-topic bulletins intended to provide outreach information and guidance to local agencies on all issues pertaining to the Federal-aid projects. They cover a wide variety of subjects, including discussions of findings resulting from process reviews by Caltrans and/or FHWA, changes in procedures or regulations, reminders of existing procedures or best practices, and other timely information.The goal is to help local agencies ensure proper and timely delivery of Federal-aid projects.

Listed below are the COIN's that Caltrans Division of Local Assistance has completed to date:

COIN Number COIN Topic
COIN #26 19-01 Project Delivery Requirements (PDF) 
COIN #25 18-01 Indirect Cost Allocation Plan/Indirect Cost Rate Proposal Submission (PDF) 
COIN #24 16-01 Timely Preparation and Approval of Contract Change Orders (PDF)
COIN #23 15-04 Assurance that Construction Subcontracts Contain All Federal Requirements and Pertinent Provisions (Form FHWA-1273) of the Prime Contract (PDF) 
COIN #22 15-03 Title VI Compliance by Local Agencies (PDF) 
COIN #21 15-02 Protected Bikeways and Flexible Design (PDF) 
COIN #20 15-01 Non-Traditional (Electronic) Advertising for Contract Bids or Proposals (PDF)  
COIN #19 14-02 Contractor Registration with California Department of Industrial Relations (PDF)
COIN #18 14-01 Use of Extra Work at Force Account (PDF)
COIN #17 12-03 Bio-acoustic Requirements for Bridge Projects Involving Pile Driving and Demolition (PDF)
COIN #16 12-02

MAP-21 - Expansion of the National Highway System (PDF)

COIN #15 12-01 Poster Requirements on Federally-Funded Construction Projects (PDF) 
COIN #14 11-04 Buy America Requirements(PDF) 
COIN #13 11-03: Support Documentation for Payments(PDF) 
COIN #12 11-02 Administration of Contract Time(PDF) 
COIN #11 11-01 Pre-award Audit Requirements for A&E Consultants (PDF)
COIN #10 10-06 Prompt Payment Provisions and Enforcement Mechanisms(PDF) 
COIN #09 10-05 Engineer's Cost Estimate/Bid Reviews and Evaluations(PDF) 
COIN #08 10-04 Frequently Observed Deficiencies in Contract Administration (PDF) and its Attachment A (PDF)
COIN #07 10-03 Timely Submittal of Invoices for Federal-Aid Reimbursement DBE Information (PDF)
COIN #06 10-02 Federal Wage Rates In Federal-Aid Construction Contracts (PDF)
COIN #05 10-01 High-Visibility Safety Apparel (PDF)
COIN #04 09-04 Do Not Use Local Hiring Preferences (PDF)
COIN #03 09-03 Quality Assurance Program (QAP) (PDF)
COIN #02 09-02 FHWA Risk Management Plan for Recovery Act Projects (PDF)
COIN #01 09-01 Keeping Adequate Construction Records (PDF)


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