Project Delivery Memorandums

Important Notice

The Division of Local Assistance (DLA) Project Delivery Memorandums are created to quickly disseminate informational updates and to provide additional guidance as a supplement to specific DLA policy and/or procedural publications, including forms. This designated area does not include all historical memorandums

Reduced Federal Footprint

The discussion and documents contained herein represent previous and current attempts to promote the idea of "reducing the federal footprint"; specifically by putting more federal funds onto fewer projects, rather than spreading smaller chunks of federal funds (and therefore federal rules and regulations) onto more projects.

The Transportation Cooperative Committee (TCC) sponsored a team in 2015 to tackle the TCC Priority Goal #1- where can we best put our federal funds? Below is a Discussion Summary from that effort.

This TCC Team is also compiling real world examples of projects and agencies that have undertaken efforts to reduce federal footprint, and sample documents are provided here:

The Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPA) and Caltrans embarked on an effort to identify ways to streamline federal project delivery in 2013. Strategies were developed, a workshop was held, and Best Practices were identified. We anticipate revisiting this topic with the RTPA's in the near future, and the information provided below should serve as a jumping-off point for the next effort.

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