State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

The STIP is a multi-year capital improvement program of transportation projects on and off the State Highway System, funded with revenues from the Transportation Investment Fund and other funding sources. STIP programming generally occurs every two years. The programming cycle begins with the release of a proposed fund estimate in July of odd-numbered years, followed by California Transportation Commission (CTC) adoption of the fund estimate in August (odd years). The fund estimate serves to identify the amount of new funds available for the programming of transportation projects. Once the fund estimate is adopted, Caltrans and the regional planning agencies prepare transportation improvement plans for submittal by December 15th (odd years). Caltrans prepare the Interregional Transportation Improvement Plan (ITIP) and regional agencies prepare Regional Transportation Improvement Plans (RTIPs). Public hearings are held in January (even years) in both northern and southern California. The STIP is adopted by the CTC by April (even years). This process, as well as the fund distribution process are outlined in charts available on the Financial Programming website.

Local agencies should work through their Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA), County Transportation Commission, or Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), as appropriate, to nominate projects for inclusion in the STIP.

Once projects are programmed, agencies may begin the project implementation process. It is important to note that there are timely use of funds rules associated with STIP projects that are established by statute and outlined in both the STIP Guidelines adopted by the CTC and Chapter 23 of the Local Assistance Program Guidelines. This website is designed to provide local agencies and the general public with information regarding STIP guidelines and procedures. Several links to other Caltrans websites are provided.

Chapter 25 of the Local Assistance Program Guidelines Manual

This chapter outlines policies and procedures related to STIP projects. It contains website references to relevant information sources as well as exhibits and forms necessary for use by agencies implementing STIP projects. Chapter 23 supersedes the April 1, 1999, & Procedures for Administering Local Grant Projects in the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP); for local highway projects. (CTC 2018 STIP Guidelines and Chapter 23 revisions pending)

Caltrans' Division of Financial Programming

Caltrans' Division of Financial Programming's website should contain the most current versions of the following:

Current Adopted STIP Guidelines

These are the official guidelines adopted by the CTC to provide policy direction to the various parties involved in programming and implementing STIP projects.

Current Project Programming Request Forms

Project Programming Request (PPR) forms required to nominate projects for programming in the STIP or to amend projects already programmed in the STIP. These new procedures and forms supersedes and replaces the existing STIP Project Fact and Funding Sheet.

Current Fund Estimate Information

LAPG Chapter 25 Exhibits in project implementation:

LAPG 25-A Allocation/Time Extension Form (PDF)
Exhibit 25-C State-Only Finance Letter (Word)
Exhibit 25-D Request for Project Scope Change (Local ATP Projects) (Word)
Exhibit 25-D1 Instructions – Request for Project Scope Change (PDF)
Exhibit 25-E Request for State-Only Funding for STIP Project (Word)
Exhibit 25-F Request for State-Only Funding for ATP Project (Word)
Exhibit 25-G Request for Funding Distribution Change (Local ATP Projects) (Word)
Exhibit 25-G1 Instructions – Request for Funding Distribution Change (PDF)
Exhibit 25-H State/Federal Finance Letter (PDF)
Exhibit 25-I Project Programming Request (Excel)
Exhibit 25-I1 Instructions – Project Programming Request (PDF)
Exhibit 25-K Local Road Rehabilitation Project Certification (Word)
Exhibit 25-L Pavement Management System (PMS) Certification (Word)
Exhibit 25-M Notice of SB 184 Project Start for Local STIP Projects (Word)
Exhibit 25-O Award Information (Word)
Exhibit 25-P Plan Scope of Work (Excel)
Exhibit 25-R ATP Non-Infrastructure Work Plan (Excel)
Exhibit 25-S Project Delivery Report – Local Partnership Program (Excel)
LAPG 25-T ATP Completion/Final delivery Report (PDF)
LAPG 25-U ATP Application Form (PDF)
Exhibit 25-W Project Delivery Report (Excel)
Exhibit 25-Y Interim ATP Count Methodology (PDF)

Timely Use of Funds (Time Extensions)

The request for extension is initiated by the implementing agency and prepared on their letterhead as a letter addressed to the District Local Assistance Engineer (DLAE). Requests must be submitted to the District DLAE and the District Local Assistance ATP Coordinator.
After reviewing the request for extension, the DLAE will sign off and forward the request to Headquarters (Division of Local Assistance) to,

Additional information:

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