Projects with expiring Project End Dates

Caltrans Division of Local Assistance (DLA), Office of Project Implementation provides guidance and support to local agencies in managing the Federal-aid projects. The Project End Date (PED), analogous to the previously used Agreement End Date (AED), is the date that an agency estimates to identify the end of a project phase's Period of Performance (end of Federally participating work). It is defined as the date after which no additional federally participating costs may be incurred for an authorized phase of work.

The look ahead report posted below lists projects with (i) expired PED, (ii) PED to expire within the next three months, (iii) PED to expire within the next 6 months and (iv) PED to expire in more than 6 months but with lapses in the past. The purpose of this list is to alert local agencies of expired or expiring PEDs, so they can initiate PED extension requests where necessary and/or contact DLAEs for further assistance. This list will be updated monthly.

Project End Date Lookahead Report (05/01/2024) (Excel)

Project End Date Training Presentation (PPT)

PED Q and A (PDF)

Guidance on PEDs can be found at:

Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual:

PED Extensions:

A tool for Local Public Agencies (LPAs) to request extensions for PEDs on existing projects is below (to be used for PED extensions only): PED Extension Tool Info

PED Extension Tool