Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Caltrans is required under 49 CFR 26 to administer a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program. The DBE Program is intended to ensure a level playing field and foster equal opportunity in federal-aid contracts.

Subrecipients (local agencies) receiving Federal financial assistance through Caltrans are also subject to the requirements of 49 CFR Part 26, and therefore are required to adopt and comply with Caltrans' DBE Program Plan. Subrecipients will follow the Program Plan. Subrecipients will follow the in administrating their DBE Program obligations.

Subrecipients will work collaboratively with the Caltrans Local Compliance Branch (LCC) and Office of Civil Rights (OCR) in conducting periodic compliance reviews to ensure their compliance with the Caltrans DBE Program Plan.

Caltrans Overall DBE Goal

The Caltrans overall DBE goal is 22.2% for federal fiscal years (FFY) 2022-2024

Districts DLA DBE Contact List

(as of 12/8/2023)

 Caltrans District  DBE Coordinator
 D01 - Eureka  rachel.barry@dot.ca.gov
 D02 - Redding  freda.london@dot.ca.gov

 D03 - Marysville / Sacramento

 D04 - Bay Area / Oakland  jimmy.panmai@dot.ca.gov
 D05 - San Luis Obispo / Santa Barbara  cori.marsalek@dot.ca.gov
 D06 - Fresno / Bakersfield  simin.abdollahian@dot.ca.gov
 D07 - Los Angeles  vitavet.buranabul@dot.ca.gov

 D08 - San Bernardino / Riverside

 D09 - Bishop  adam.zumstein@dot.ca.gov
 D10 - Stockton  parminder.singh@dot.ca.gov
 D11 - San Diego  benjamin.guerrero@dot.ca.gov
 D12 - Orange County  mannedel.gomez-cruz@dot.ca.gov


LAPM Chapter 9

Office Bulletins that contain updates to the LAPM Chapter 9: 

The DLA Office Bulletins supersede specific DLA policy and/or procedural publications, including forms. Please make sure to review the Office Bulletins prior to referencing the LAPM, LAPG and LPPs to see if any of the bulletins affect these publications.

Caltrans DLA DBE Complaint Form

Office Bulletins that contain updates to the LAPM Chapter 9: 

The online complaint form provides an online portal where the DBE will provide all available complaint information. Once a complaint is submitted, the District DBE coordinator will be notified to address the complaint.