Local Programs Procedures (LPP)

Local Programs Procedures (LPPs) are used for the formal deployment of new procedures and policy changes to the Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) and Local Assistance Program Guidelines (LAPG). They are numbered according to calendar year and order in which released (i.e., the third LPP issued during the year 2004 would be LPP 04-03).

ALERT: Some portions of these LPPs along with the LAPM and LAPG may have been superseded by Division of Local Assistance Office Bulletins (DLA-OBs). Always check DLA-OBs for any recent policy or procedure updates that have not yet been issued as LPPs.

LPP sequence numbers that are not included below have been incorporated into, and superseded by, the Local Assistance Procedures Manual issued February, 1998, or by more recent LPPs covering the same material.

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