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For environmental training opportunities for local and tribal agencies, please visit the Local Assistance Training & Resource website.  To subscribe and receive weekly DLA News & Training Announcements for local and tribal agencies, visit the DLA Blog and enter your contact information in the right side column.


There are several On-Demands that are available for viewing offered by the Office of Environmental Compliance and Outreach.

  • Intro to the Office of Environmental Compliance and Outreach (ECO). The PowerPoint can be found here. The following topics are covered:
    • ECO office staff
    • Local Assistance Program overview
    • Local Assistance vs. Capital Projects
    • Duties and Responsibilities
    • Intro to Local Public Agencies
    • Project types
    • Office Services
  • FHWA Emergency Relief (ER) Webinar. The following topics are covered:
    • FHWA Emergency Relief Program overview, purpose
    • Types of disasters
    • Project approval process
    • Project completion process
    • Deadlines and federal funding
    • Advanced Construction (AC) process
    • Eligible and ineligible work
    • Resiliency Requirements for Non-ER projects
    • Resources and contacts

For additional training, you may also click the Cooperative Training Assistance Program (CTAP) page for viewing the Federal Aid Series videos.

  • NEPA Overview. The following topics are covered:
    • What is NEPA? What does it do?
    • NEPA applicability
    • NEPA assignment
    • NEPA lead agency
    • Laws corresponding to NEPA
    • FHWA Responsibilities
  • NEPA vs. CEQA. The following topics are covered:
    • Document comparisons between NEPA and CEQA
    • Terminology and definitions of significance comparison


Future Federal Aid Series Trainings

See our planned Federal Aid Series trainings below.  Please note that information may be subject to change. For more information, please visit our Cooperative Training Assistance Program (CTAP) page for more information.

  • One virtual training planned in February 2024
  • One in-person training planned for April 2024

Federal Aid Series Q&A

Please see the document attached for some common Q&As

Other Trainings




Quarterly Reports

Monitoring requirements in both the 23 USC 326 CE Assignment and 23 USC 327 NEPA Assignment MOUs require Caltrans to report twice a year to FHWA. For 23 USC 327 NEPA Assignment, Caltrans must provide the FHWA California Division a report every six months that lists any approvals and decisions Caltrans has made with respect to its responsibilities under part 3 of the MOU. The 23 USC 326 CE Assignment MOU requires Caltrans to provide a list of Categorical Exclusion (CE) determinations that it approves in each fiscal quarter.

FHWA Audits

Under the 23 USC 327 NEPA Assignment MOU, pursuant to MAP-21, FHWA audits are no longer required, however, SAFETEA-LU required that FHWA audit Caltrans' performance under the Pilot Program twice a year for the first two years of the Pilot Program, and once a year thereafter to ensure that Caltrans is meeting federal requirements.

FHWA CE Monitoring Review Report:

SAFETEA-LU requires that FHWA monitor Caltrans' performance under the CE assignment program. Monitoring occurs approximately every 15 months and includes Caltrans District visits with interviews of Caltrans staff and project file reviews.

Name Responsibilities Telephone Numbers E-mail
Office Chief
Kelly Hobbs NEPA Assignment and Environmental Compliance Mobile: (916) 838-9085 Kelly.Hobbs@dot.ca.gov
Environmental Policy and Training Coordinators
Quint Chemnitz Districts 7, 8, 11, 12
(279) 444-9563 quint.chemnitz@dot.ca.gov
Guadalupe (Lupe) V. Jiménez Districts 2, 3, 6, 9 (279) 599-1042 Lupe.Jimenez@dot.ca.gov
Haiyan Zhang Districts 1, 4, 5, 10
(279) 599-3448 haiyan.zhang@dot.ca.gov
Environmental Database and Reporting
Jonathan Oshalim Districts 1-12 (279) 599-1286  Jonathan.Oshalim@dot.ca.gov
Resource Agency Coordinator
 Danielle Elledge   Districts1-12  (279) 599-3341  danielle.elledge@dot.ca.gov
 Cultural Resources
 Kelda Wilson
 Districts 1-12
 (805) 835-6580
District Senior Environmental Contacts
Districts DLA Senior Environmental Contacts Telephone Numbers E-mail
1 Cassie Nichols
(707) 798-7557
2 Chris Fazzari (530) 782-2108 chris.fazzari@dot.ca.gov
3 Thaleena Bhattal (Acting) 
(530) 821-8301 thaleena.bhattal@dot.ca.gov
4 Thomas Holstein (510) 960-0794
5 Sunny McBride (831) 406-7563
6 Pedram Mafi  (559) 981-7400 Pedram.Mafi@dot.ca.gov
7 Michael Enwedo (213) 335-0060 Michael.Enwedo@dot.ca.gov
8 Aaron Burton (909) 501-5971
9 Cecilia Boudreau (760) 874-8330
10 Elizabeth Hummel 
(209) 948-3825 Elizabeth.Hummel@dot.ca.gov 
11 Kevin Hovey (619) 606-3108
12 Alben Phung
(657) 328-6054

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