Consultant Selection and Procurement


Caltrans Division of Local Assistance provides guidance to local agencies on consultant selection and procurement process related to Federal aid highway projects. Consultant services contracts funded in whole, or in part, with Federal aid highway program funds shall be procured in accordance with federal requirements of Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards in 2 CFR Part 200. In addition, consultant contract for engineering and design, also known as Architectural and Engineering or A&E, must also comply with the requirements established in 23 USC Part 112, 40 USC Section 1101-1104 (Brooks Act), and 23 CFR Part 172.

A&E services are defined as “program management, construction management, feasibility studies (includes environmental studies and analysis), preliminary engineering, design, engineering, surveying, mapping or architectural related services”.



Consultant Contract Audit and Review Process Training

a. Procurement A&E Contracts
    A&E Training Webinar 

b. Selected Shorts Video Series (webcast): 
    Video 1 Limited Proposals Received (MP4) (78 sec), PDQA AE Video Shorts 1 Reference Material(PDF) 
    Video 2 Contract Prior to Authorization (MP4) (74 sec), PDQA AE Video Shorts 2 Reference Material(PDF) 
    Video 3 Local Preference vs Local Presence (MP4) (102 sec.), AE Video Shorts 3 Reference Material(PDF)
    Video 4 A&E Resources Website,  AE Video Shorts 4 Reference Material(PDF) 
    Video 5 A&E Consultant Contracts: Conflict of Interests (COI),  AE Video Shorts 5 Script(PDF) 

c. Selected Shorts Video Series - Independent Cost Estimate (ICE) and Cost Analysis d. Tools (Spreadsheets)

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 If you have any questions regarding Consultant Selection and Procurement, please contact your District Local Assistance Engineer

Have a question? Our A&E Oversight Engineers can help you with guidance.

John Z. Yang  - Districts 1, 2, 3
Phone (916) 651-6552

The’ Pham (Acting Program Manager) - Districts 4, 9
(916) 651-8903

Quyen Ngo - Districts 5, 6

Hiep Nguyen - Districts 8, 10
(916) 651-8909

Bing Luu - Districts 7, 11, 12
(858) 688-1576


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