Report Balances

The Department of Transportation is committed to increasing the efficiency of transportation funding in order to ensure every available transportation dollar is used to improve mobility across California. The "Use it or Lose it" provisions in AB1012 will help accomplish this goal  .

The following information is made available to provide assistance and guidance to the transportation community in complying with the "Use it or Lose it" provisions in AB1012. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact Peggy Siu, at (916) 651-6875.

Report Balances FFY2019

Report Balances as of: Date Posted:
2019-07-31 Cycle 19a (Excel),  2019-07-31 Cycle 19b (Excel)2019-07-31 Cycle 20a (Excel)2019-07-31 Cycle 20b (Excel)  08/26/2019
2019-06-30 Cycle 19a (Excel),  2019-06-30 Cycle 19b (Excel)2019-06-30 Cycle 20a (Excel)2019-06-30 Cycle 20b (Excel) 07/18/2019
2019-05-31 Cycle 19a (Excel),  2019-05-31 Cycle 19b (Excel)2019-05-31 Cycle 20a (Excel)2019-05-31 Cycle 20b (Excel) 06/21/2019
2019-04-30 Cycle 19a (Excel),  2019-04-30 Cycle 19b (Excel)2019-04-30 Cycle 20a (Excel)2019-04-30 Cycle 20b (Excel) 05/21/2019
2019-03-31 Cycle 19a (PDF),  2019-03-31 Cycle 19b (PDF),  2019-03-31 Cycle 20a (PDF),  2019-03-31 Cycle 20b (PDF) 04/23/2019
2019-02-28 Cycle 19a (PDF),  2019-02-28 Cycle 19b (PDF),  2019-02-28 Cycle 20a (PDF),  2019-02-28 Cycle 20b (PDF)  03/26/2019
2019-01-31 Cycle 19a (PDF),  2019-01-31 Cycle 19b (PDF),  2019-01-31 Cycle 20a (PDF),  2019-01-31 Cycle 20b (PDF) 02/27/2019
2018-12-31 Cycle 19a (PDF),  2018-12-31 Cycle 19b (PDF),  2018-12-31 Cycle 20a (PDF),  2018-12-31 Cycle 20b (PDF)  02/27/2019
2018-11-30 Cycle 19a (PDF),  2018-11-30 Cycle 19b (PDF),   2018-11-30 Cycle 20a (PDF),  2018-11-30 Cycle 20b (PDF)  01/28/2019
2018-10-31 Cycle 19a (PDF),  2018-10-31 Cycle 19b (PDF),   2018-10-31 Cycle 20a (PDF),  2018-10-31 Cycle 20b (PDF)   01/18/2019
2018-11-16 Cycle 20: Regional Agency Notification Letter (cycle 20), Instructions (cycle 20), Obligation Plan (cycle 20) and Balance Reports: cycle 20a, cycle 20b 11/16/2018
Report Balances as of: Date Posted:
2017-09-30 Cycle:2017-09-30 Cycle 17a,2017-09-30 Cycle 17b,2017-09-30 Cycle 18a,2017-09-30 Cycle 18b 11/28/2017
2017-08-31 Cycle:2017-08-31 Cycle 17a,2017-08-31 Cycle 17b,2017-08-31 Cycle 18a,2017-08-31 Cycle 18b 09/20/2017
2017-07-31 Cycle:2017-07-31 Cycle 17a,2017-07-31 Cycle 17b,2017-07-31 Cycle 18a,2017-07-31 Cycle 18b 10/08/2017
2017-06-30 Cycle:2017-06-30 Cycle 17a,2017-06-30 Cycle 17b,2017-06-30 Cycle 18a,2017-06-30 Cycle 18b 07/28/2017
2017-05-31 Cycle:2017-05-31 Cycle 17a,2017-05-31 Cycle 17b,2017-05-31 Cycle 18a,2017-05-31 Cycle 18b 06/15/2017
2017-04-30 Cycle2017-04-30 Cycle 17a,2017-04-30 Cycle 17b,2017-04-30 Cycle 18a,2017-04-30 Cycle 18b 05/22/2017
2017-03-31 Cycle:2017-03-31 Cycle 17a,2017-03-31 Cycle 17b,2017-03-31 Cycle 18a,2017-03-31 Cycle 18b 05/01/2017
2017-02-28 Cycle:2017-02-28 Cycle 17a,2017-02-28 Cycle 17b,2017-02-28 Cycle 18a,2017-02-28 Cycle 18b 04/07/2017
2017-01-31 Cycle:2017-01-31 Cycle 17a,2017-01-31 Cycle 17b,2017-01-31 Cycle 18a,2017-01-31 Cycle 18b 02/27/2017
2016-12-31 Cycle:2016-12-31 Cycle 17a,2016-12-31 Cycle 17b,2016-12-31 Cycle 18a,2016-12-31 Cycle 18b 01/20/2017
2016-11-30 Cycle:2016-11-30 Cycle 17a,2016-11-30 Cycle 17b,2016-11-30 Cycle 18a,2016-11-30 Cycle 18b 01/12/2017
2016-10-31 Cycle:2016-10-31 Cycle 17a,2016-10-31 Cycle 17b,2016-10-31 Cycle 18a,2016-10-31 Cycle 18b 12/27/2016
2016-11-15 Cycle 18:Regional Agency Notification Letter,Instructions,Obligation Planand Balance Reports:18a18b 11/18/2016

Report Balances as of: Date Posted:
2016-09-30 Cycle:2016-09-30 Cycle 16a,2016-09-30 Cycle 16b,2016-09-30 Cycle 17a,2016-09-30 Cycle 17b 02/21/2017
2016-08-31 Cycle:2016-08-31 Cycle 16a,2016-08-31 Cycle 16b,2016-08-31 Cycle 17a,2016-08-31 Cycle 17b 10/04/2016
2016-07-31 Cycle:2016-07-31 Cycle 16a,2016-07-31 Cycle 16b,2016-07-31 Cycle 17a,2016-07-31 Cycle 17b 08/18/2016
2016-06-30 Cycle:2016-06-30 Cycle 16a,2016-06-30 Cycle 16b,2016-06-30 Cycle 17a,2016-06-30 Cycle 17b 08/01/2016
2016-05-31 Cycle:2016-05-31 Cycle 16a,2016-05-31 Cycle 16b,2016-05-31 Cycle 17a,2016-05-31 Cycle 17b 06/20/2016
2016-04-30 Cycle:2016-04-30 Cycle 16a,2016-04-30 Cycle 16b,2016-04-30 Cycle 17a,2016-04-30 Cycle 17b 05/26/2016
2016-03-31 Cycle:2016-03-31 Cycle 16a,2016-03-31 Cycle 16b,2016-03-31 Cycle 17a,2016-03-31 Cycle 17b 05/03/2016
2016-02-29 Cycle:2016-02-29 Cycle 16a,2016-02-29 Cycle 16b,2016-02-29 Cycle 17a,2016-02-29 Cycle 17b 03/24/2016
2016-01-31 Cycle:2016-01-31 Cycle 16a,2016-01-31 Cycle 16b,2016-01-31 Cycle 17a,2016-01-31 Cycle 17b 02/22/2016
2015-12-31 Cycle:2015-12-31 Cycle 16a,2015-12-31 Cycle 16b,2015-12-31 Cycle 17a,2015-12-31 Cycle 17b 01/27/2016
2015-11-30 Cycle:2015-11-30 Cycle 16a,2015-11-30 Cycle 16b,2015-11-30 Cycle 17a,2015-11-30 Cycle 17b 01/06/2016
2015-10-31 Cycle:2015-10-31 Cycle 16a,2015-10-31 Cycle 16b,2015-10-31 Cycle 17a,2015-10-31 Cycle 17b 12/17/2015
2015-11-10 Cycle 17:Regional Agency Notification Letter,Instructions,Obligation Plan, and Balance Reports:17a17b 11/16/2015