Division of Local Assistance Office Bulletins (DLA-OBs)

Important Notice: The Division of Local Assistance (DLA) Office Bulletins are created to disseminate the most recent policy and procedural changes (OB Process). The DLA Office Bulletins supersede specific DLA policy and/or procedural publications, including forms. Please make sure to review the Office Bulletins prior to referencing the LAPM, LAPG and LPPs to see if any of the bulletins affect these publications.

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All Office Bulletins expire upon issuance of a Local Programs Procedure (LPP). Archive of Office Bulletins

DLA-OB Title Attachments Contact Date Issued Impacts
22-04 Indirect Cost Allocation Plan / Indirect Cost Rate Proposal Review / Approval Process N/A Ross Foon 06/2022 LAPM 5
22-03 Priority Legislative Budget Project (PLBP) Funds - Guidelines
The PLBP guidelines are being significantly revised to streamline the process and will be reposted with the modified version soon. Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please contact Manuel Morales at manuel.morales@dot.ca.gov.
PLBP Website Manuel Morales 05/2022 NA
22-02 Local Assistance Highway Bridge Program Limits of Reimbursement on High Cost Bridge Projects N/A Andy Chou 04/2022 LAPG 6
22-01 Design Standards for 3R Projects on NHS Freeways

Exhibit 12-D: PS&E Checklist (Revised March 2022)

Kitae Nam 03/2022 LAPM 2 & 11