Local Assistance Program Guidelines (LAPG)

Important Notice

The LAPG was migrated to "Web-based only" guidance on June 16, 2014. Please refer to the links below as appropriate.

List of Chapters:

 Chapters  Topics
Chapter 1(PDF) Introduction and Overview [Will be updated]
Chapter 2(PDF)  Financing the Federal-Aid Highway Program
Chapter 3  Federal-Aid Routes Functional Classifications [ Refer to http://dot.ca.gov/hq/tsip/hseb/func_clas.html for information or http://earth.dot.ca.gov/ for maps ]
Chapter 4 Surface Transportation Program (STP) [ Refer to http://dot.ca.gov/hq/transprog/federal/rstp/Official_RSTP_Web_Page.htm ]
Chapter 5 Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) [ Refer to http://dot.ca.gov/-programs/local-assistance/cmaq/cmaq.html or http://dot.ca.gov/-hq/transprog/federal/cmaq/CMAQ_Web_Page.html ]
Chapter 6(PDF) Highway Bridge Program (HBP)
Chapter 7 Seismic Safety Retrofit Combined with Chapter 6
Chapter 8 Transportation Enhancement (TE) [ No longer funded. Refer to http://dot.ca.gov/programs/local-assistance/tep/index.html]
Chapter 9(PDF) Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) [ Refer to here]
Chapter 10 High Risk Rural Roads Program [Refer to here]
Chapter 11 Emergency Relief [Refer to here]
Chapter 12 Other Federal Programs [Refer to here]
Chapter 13 Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program [Refer to here]
Chapter 14 Traffic Congestion Relief Program (TCRP) [No longer funded. ]
Chapter 15 Formerly State and Local Transportation Partnership Program (SLTPP) [Deleted]
Chapter 16 Blank (Reserved for Future Use). Formerly Traffic Systems Management (TSM) [Deleted]
Chapter 17 Blank (Reserved for Future Use). Formerly TSM Match Funds. [Deleted]
Chapter 18 (PDF) Optional Federal Exchange and State Match Programs (PDF)
Chapter 19 Blank (Reserved for Future Use). Formerly Grade Separation [Deleted]
Chapter 20 Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation (EEM) [Refer to here ]
Chapter 21 Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) [Refer to here]
Chapter 22(PDF) Please make sure to read the summary (PDF) first
Active Transportation Program (ATP) [Refer to here]
Chapter 23(PDF)

Local Agency STIP Projects [Refer to here]

Chapter 24 Federal Safe Routes to School (SRTS) [Refer to here]
Appendix A(PDF)  Financial Guidelines for Local Agency Reimbursement
Appendix B(PDF) Financial the State Funded Highway Program

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