Caltrans DLA ADA Section 504 Compliance Review Assessment (Transition Plan)

The Federal Highway Administration is requesting all Local Public Agency (LPA) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plans to be submitted electronically. An LPA with 50 or more total employees is required to develop a Transition Plan to prioritize removal of structural barriers for accessibility purposes pursuant to Section 35.150(d) in Title 28 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The Caltrans Division of Local Assistance recommends Transition Plans should be updated every three to five years pursuant to Section 9.3 of the Local Assistance Procedures Manual (PDF*).

Note: Although public entities with fewer than 50 employees are not required to develop a transition plan, please submit your information for monitoring and reporting purposes.

Please be prepared to submit all information in one sitting, which covers this sample assessment:

Sample Questions of the ADA Section 504 Compliance Review Assessment (PDF*).


Please use this form link to submit an ADA transition plan by November 9, 2023. Agencies with an ADA Transition Plan on file with Caltrans will need to resubmit the information electronically. The November 9th due date is the deadline to complete the online form. Updates can be made after submittal by requesting an update link to


If you have any questions, please email