California LTAP Center and Local Assistance Training

Caltrans Division of Local Assistance offers training classes for local and tribal agencies in coordination with the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) and with funds from the Cooperative Training Assistance Program (CTAP). In partnership with California universities, these subsidized classes assist local and tribal agencies with the federal-aid process, as well as infrastructure management, worker and work site safety, and workforce development.

Caltrans Training Partners

Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) – CSU Long Beach, Center for International Trade and Transportation (CITT)
CITT provides specialized trainings serving California transportation agencies through the LTAP Center. CITT undertakes a wide array of applied research in the areas of transportation and supply chain, and regularly assess the regional transportation labor market.

Cooperative Training Assistance Program (CTAP) – CSU Sacramento, College of Continuing Education (CCE)
CCE provides critical training for California Public Agencies in delivery of successful federal aid projects from procurement to close-out. Examples include Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, Planning, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, and much more.

Tech Transfer – UC Berkeley
Tech Transfer provides Caltrans subsidized trainings for local agencies in engineering, multimodal, pavement, planning, and work zone and worker safety. Trainings include: Infrastructure Management, Work Zone Safety & Worker Safety, and Workforce Development.

Equipment Loan Program

To assist local agencies with meeting the requirements of Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) retroreflectivity requirements of traffic signs, Caltrans and the California LTAP Center maintain two retroreflectometers and StripeMaster2 equipment for loan to local public agencies. For more information or to rent equipment, contact the LTAP Center at:

Trainings & Webinars

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Training: Contract Goal Methodology (online) Federal Aid Series

Visit the CTAP website for the latest Federal Aid Series recordings and materials.

Federal & State Funding Webinar

The Division of Local Assistance provided a funding opportunities and key deadlines webinar for new and existing programs.

Indirect Cost Rate Plan Videos – Days 1 through 4

Indirect Cost Rate Reviews & Application Process - Instructional video
View the Caltrans Internal Audit Office webpage for additional information.

CTC Request for Funding Allocation & Time Extension (2023) 
  Agenda Funding Allocation & Time Extensions 2023.04.17
Allocations Process Presentation 2023.04
  Timely Use of Funds Calculated located on the ATP website
  Timely Use of Funds Program Matrix 2023.04

Procurement Architectural & Engineering Contracts (2019)

Module 1: (coming soon)
Selected Shorts Video & Reference Materials

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Resident Engineers Academy 2022
Tab 1: Introduction
Tab 2: Pre-Construction Preparation
Tab 3: Scope of Work
Tab 4: Control of Work
Tab 5: Control of Materials
Tab 6: Legal Relations
Tab 7: Prosecution and Progress
Tab 8: Payment
Tab 9: Contract Change Order
Tab 10: Environmental
Tab 11: Construction Claims
Tab 12: Construction Oversight
Tab 13: Project Completion
Tab 14: Disadvantaged Business Enterprises
Tab 15: Labor Compliance

Senate Bill 1 - Webinar 2018
Part 1 - Introduction and Program Overview PDF
Part 2 - Accountability and Transparency Guidelines PDF
Part 3 - Program Reporting Requirements PDF
Part 4 - Agreements or Authorizations
Part 5 - Authorizations PDF
Part 6 - Timely Use of Funds PDF
Part 7 - Resources and ATRC PDF

Single Audit Report 2022

Federal & National Training

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the National Highway Institute (NHI), and other entities offer training to local and tribal agencies that may be helpful.

Federal, National, and Tribal Resources   

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