Construction Oversight Program

Construction Oversight Program (COP)

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Perform Project Reviews with Local Agency Staff and their Construction Management Consultants
    • Not auditors, but measure FHWA compliance
    • Issue Findings
  • Resource for Local Agency Questions / Issues
    • Can review Change Orders (COs) for quality and participation
  • Issues Guidance on Current Issues as Necessary
    • Publishes Office Bulletins, COINS on DLA website
  • Conducts Training
    • RE Academy, Federal-Aid Series, Individual Agency / Regional Agency Training
  • Assists District Local Assistance Engineers

COE Team

Construction Oversight Engineer

Phone number

Girmay Beyene, Program Manager


Blas Martinez, D1, D2, D3


Muhammad Rahman D4 & D10 (both north half) (279)599-4025
Patrick Dussell, D4(south half), D5 (916)202-9216
Michael Ramos,  D6, D10(south half) (279)234-6832
Seree Yenjai,  D7 (916)205-9908
Peter Mututwa,  D8, D9 (279)599-3357
Chad Yang, D11, D12 (916)205-8639

Frank Cao,  Data Reporting



Types of COE Reviews


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Buy America

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Buy America Preference for Local Agency Administered Projects off the State highway system

Office Bulletins, COINS, Blogs

Open Office hours

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