Construction Oversight Program

Construction Oversight Program (COP)

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Perform Project Reviews with Local Agency Staff and their Construction Management Consultants
    • Not auditors, but measure FHWA compliance
    • Issue Findings
  • Resource for Local Agency Questions / Issues
    • Can review Change Orders (COs) for quality and participation
  • Issues Guidance on Current Issues as Necessary
    • Publishes Office Bulletins, COINS on DLA website
  • Conducts Training
    • RE Academy, Federal-Aid Series, Individual Agency / Regional Agency Training
  • Assists District Local Assistance Engineers

COE Team

Construction Oversight Engineer

Phone number

Girmay Beyene, Program Manager

(916) 275-4587

Osama Abu-Markhieh, D1, D2, D3

(916) 205-8813

Patrick Dussell, D4 & acting for D5 (916) 202-9216
Blas Martinez, D6, D10 (916) 205-6145
Mack Yenjai,  D7 (916) 205-9908
Chad Yang, D8, D9 (916) 205-8639

Anna Alonso, D11, D12

(916) 205-9947

Frank Cao,  Data Reporting

(279) 599-4029


Types of COE Reviews


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Buy America

Office Bulletins, COINS, Blogs

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