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The Bicycle Facilities Unit (BFU) is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Caltrans bicycle program. In keeping with the Caltrans Strategic Management Plan 2015- 2020, the BFU staff strives to fully integrate bicycles into all aspects of the California transportation system. To do this, the BFU promotes safe, well designed bicycle facilities and the funding, regulations, and education that make such facilities possible. We envision connected networks of bikeways that fit well with other transportation modes, increase safe transportation options for California citizens, and lessen the carbon footprint of California transportation. We work with local, State, and federal transportation agencies to improve cycling for all Californians.

Caltrans Bicycle Programs

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Bicycle Committees

  • California Walk and Bike Technical Advisory Committee

    Caltrans has created the California Walk and Bike Technical Advisory Committee (CWBTAC) that can partner closely with and advise Department staff on technical issues. The new committee replaces the California Bicycle Advisory Committee.

    Applications are currently being accepted for the new committee. Caltrans invites public agency staff and professional advocates with experience in planning, designing, and delivering active transportation programs and/or facilities to apply to serve on the CWBTAC. Caltrans aims to recruit a diverse membership to the CWBTAC representing the following constituencies: north, south, and central geographies; urban, suburban, and rural community types, including disadvantaged communities; and members representing the needs and interests of users of all ages and abilities.

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