Local Assistance Program Guidelines (LAPG) Forms

All forms below are provided in PDF or fillable PDF(F-PDF) version along with a Word or Excel version if available.
Note: form titles with “LAPG” are hosted on the Caltrans Electronic Forms System (CEFS); form titles with “Exhibit” are hosted by DLA. Refresh your browser or clear the cache to access the latest version of these documents.

Chapter 6 Highway Bridge Program
LAPG 6-A: HBP Application/Scope Definition
LAPG 6-B: HBP Special Cost Approval Checklist
LAPG 6-D: Scope/Cost/Schedule Change Request
Exhibit 6-E Sample Funding Commitment Letter (PDF)
Exhibit 6-F Sample Funding Sheet for Commitment Letter (PDF)
Chapter 9 Local Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)
LAPG 9-A: Application Form for Local HSIP
Chapter 11 Emergency Relief Program
Emergency Relief Forms
Chapter 13 Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program
Exhibit 13-A: Process Flowchart – High-Risk ITS Projects Exhibit 13-B: Process Flowchart – Low-Risk ITS Projects
Chapter 18 Optional Federal Exchange and State Match Programs
Exhibit 18-F: Sample Invoice for Exchange/Match Program (DOCX)
Chapter 25 State Programs for Local Agency Projects
LAPG 25-A Allocation/Time Extension Form (PDF)
Exhibit 25-C State-Only Finance Letter (Word)
Exhibit 25-D Request for Project Scope Change (Local ATP Projects) (Word)
Exhibit 25-D1 Instructions – Request for Project Scope Change (PDF)
Exhibit 25-E Request for State-Only Funding for STIP Project (Word)
Exhibit 25-F Request for State-Only Funding for ATP Project (Word)
Exhibit 25-G Request for Funding Distribution Change (Local ATP Projects) (Word)
Exhibit 25-G1 Instructions – Request for Funding Distribution Change (PDF)
Exhibit 25-H State/Federal Finance Letter (PDF)
Exhibit 25-I Project Programming Request (Excel)
Exhibit 25-I1 Instructions – Project Programming Request (PDF)
Exhibit 25-K Local Road Rehabilitation Project Certification (Word)
Exhibit 25-L Pavement Management System (PMS) Certification (Word)
Exhibit 25-M Notice of SB 184 Project Start for Local STIP Projects (Word)
Exhibit 25-O Award Information (Word)
Exhibit 25-P Plan Scope of Work (Excel)
Exhibit 25-R ATP Non-Infrastructure Work Plan (Excel)
LAPG 25-U ATP Application Form (PDF)
Exhibit 25-W Project Delivery Report (Excel)
Exhibit 25-Y Interim ATP Count Methodology (PDF)

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