Inactive Projects

Caltrans Division of Local Assistance, Office of Project Implementation-South, through District Local Assistance Engineer (DLAE), provides guidance and support to Local Agencies in managing the inactive projects, and participate in the quarterly review with FHWA.

In response to FHWA's Guidance, the Department is going to manage Inactive Projects as follows:

  1. If the Department does not receive an invoice for more than six months, the project will be posted on the Department's website.
  2. If the Department does not receive an invoice in the next five months (11 months without invoicing), the Department will work with local agency to provide proper justification for inactivity (causes beyond the control of the agency such as litigation, unforeseen utility relocations, catastrophic events that delay the project or unforeseen environmental concerns) and establishing time frame for invoicing.
  3. Project obligation could be removed by FHWA if local agency does not provide proper justification or invoice within specified and agreed upon timeframe.
  4. It is the Local Agencies responsibility to work in collaboration with their respective District Local Assistance Engineers (DLAE's) to ensure their projects are invoiced timely.
Inactive project listing is posted below and will be updated weekly.


Effective May 23, 2018 - FHWA Obligation Funds Management Guide
RTPA/MPO Focus Meeting on Addressing Inactivity Fact Sheet, dated June 14, 2018
Inactive Project List (Status Update)
  • Inactive Project Justification Form: projects inactive ≥ 12 months and unexpended obligation ≥ $50,000 (for current quarter)
  • Updated on:  04/15/2022
  • Invoice Submission Due to District: See Inactive Project List above 
California Repeat Inactive Project List ≥ 24 months
April 7, 2022

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