TCC-Transportation Co-Op Committee

The Transportation Coop Committee has been in existence for over 50 years, dating back to the 1960s. It is a forum for cities, counties, regional agencies, Caltrans, and FHWA to discuss policy and technical issues to help facilitate the implementation of Federal-aid Highway Program by local agencies. The Committee is composed of members who represent California Cities, Counties, RTPA/MPOs, State, and FHWA. Its local agencies members are selected by the League of California Cities (League), California State Association of Counties (CSAC), and CalCOG/ RTPA. Regular Committee meetings are held bi-monthly at the Sacramento International Airport.  

This web page contains meeting information of the Coop Committee, such as the roster, bylaws, schedule, meeting agenda, and meeting minutes. 

Transportation Co-Op Committee Member Roster (PDF)

January 2015 Updated TCC Charter Bylaws (PDF)
November 2022 Proposed TCC Charter Bylaws (PDF)

Transportation Co-Op Committee Meetings

TCC Meetings in 2022

Meeting Date Agenda Meeting Materials Minutes
February 24, 2022 TCC Agenda 2022.02.24 (PDF)
Item 5 (PDF)
Item 9 (PDF)
TCC-Meeting Minutes 2022.02.24 (PDF)
April 7, 2022 TCC Agenda 2022.04.07 (PDF) TCC-Meeting Minutes 2022.04.07 (PDF)
May 26, 2022 TCC Agenda 2022.5.26 (PDF) Item 8b (PDF)
Item 8c (PDF)
TCC-Meeting Minutes 2022.5.26 (PDF)
July 28, 2022 TCC Agenda 2022.07.28 (PDF)
1.02 Federal Programs Overview (PDF)
1.03 Safety Exchange (PDF)
1.07 Office of Guidance & Oversight Updates (PDF)
1.09 TCC Survey Results 2022 (PDF)

TCC Meeting Minutes 2022.07.28 (PDF)

September 22, 2022 TCC Agenda 2022.09.22 (PDF)
Item 5b (PDF)
TCC Meeting Minutes 2022.09.22 (PDF)
November 17, 2022

TCC Meetings in 2021
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TCC Meetings in 2019

Transportation Co-Op Committee Survey

In preparation for the 2016 CEAC/League of Cities Joint Spring Conference taking place March 9-11, 2016 in Sacramento, the California Transportation Coop Committee (TCC) invites your participation in a survey that will help TCC and Caltrans Local Assistance to assess the effectiveness of their efforts in improving the Local Assistance process and to collect new ideas for continued improvements. 


At the 2013 Joint CEAC/Public Works Officers Spring Conference, TCC hosted a facilitated breakout session asking for input on what needed improvement to facilitate the administration of Federal-aid projects. More than 100 ideas were proposed during the discussion. Ideas generated from that discussion were categorized into five areas:
  • Funding
  • Design
  • Environmental
  • Right of Way
  • Construction

After the conference, five teams composed of city, county, regional agency, and Caltrans staff worked to further clarify the concept and develop solutions. For your reference, a copy of the 2013 action plan is available on the Caltrans Local Assistance Website under Announcements or can be downloaded here.

In this pre-conference survey, you will have an opportunity to tell us how well you feel these 2013 ideas got implemented and suggest new areas the TCC can focus its attention to help further improve the Federal-aid process. To keep the survey short and effective, we are seeking feedback only on some of the Action Ideas under "Caltrans Policy Change" group that we believe address most common issues.

This survey is meant to look for input beyond the past or upcoming conference, so this is for all interested parties to participate. All input is valued. It doesn’t matter if you missed the earlier conference, or will not be attending the next one. We still need to hear from you to understand what your current concerns are and what can be targeted for improvement.