Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM)

The Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) is issued in January of each year, and is updated through Local Programs Procedures (LPPs). It describes the various procedures required to process Federal and State funded local transportation projects. The full version can be viewed here, or by individual Chapter listed below: 

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Individual Chapters: Last Update
Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview January 2024
Chapter 2: Roles and Responsibilities January 2024
Chapter 3: Project Authorization January 2024
Chapter 4: Agreements January 2024
Chapter 5: Invoicing January 2024
Chapter 6: Environmental Procedures January 2024
Chapter 7: Field Review January 2024
Chapter 8: Public Hearings January 2024
Chapter 9: Civil Rights and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises January 2024
Chapter 10: Consultant Selection January 2024
Chapter 11: Design Guidance January 2024
Chapter 12: Plans, Specifications & Estimate January 2024
Chapter 13: Right of Way January 2024
Chapter 14: Utility Relocations January 2024
Chapter 15: Advertise and Award Project January 2024
Chapter 16: Administer Construction Contracts January 2024
Chapter 17: Project Completion January 2024
Chapter 18: Maintenance January 2024
Chapter 19: Reserved for Future Use  
Chapter 20: Audits & Corrective Actions January 2024


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