Welcome to the Allocation Resource page. Caltrans has created this page to aid Local Agencies in their path to Allocation. Here you will find helpful links, tutorials, FAQs, and forms that will aid in preparing a complete allocation request. This one-stop shop should provide you with an overall picture of the process as well as resources and guidance. To post questions, please remember to use our blog located under the Communication Resources heading, or contact your DLAE.

Helpful Shortcuts

  • CTC Home Page
  • Office of CTC Liaison’s Webpage
  • When is the next CTC Meeting?
  • See “CTC Meeting Calendar Dates”
  • When is my allocation request deadline to Caltrans?
  • See “CTC Meeting Preparation Schedule”
  • Is my allocation request on the CTC meeting agenda?
  • See “Estimated Timed Agenda”
  • Can I watch the CTC Meeting without attending?
  • See “Live Webcasts of the CTC Meetings”



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