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CTCDC 11-4-21 Meeting Agenda (PDF)
Item 21-09 IA-19 Alternative Signal Warrant 7 Crash Experience (PDF)
Item 21-12 Part 3 Managed Lane Markings (PDF)
Item 21-15 TRUCKS OK Sign Panels (PDF)
Item 21-16 AB-43 on Traffic Safety Related to Speed Limits (PDF)
Item 21-16 AB-43 on Traffic Safety Related to Speed Limits (revised PDF) (updated 11-04-21)
Item 21-17 CMS Dual Message (PDF)
Item 21-19 Reflectors on Cone and Portable Delineator Bases (PDF)
Item 21-20 Recessed RPM at Exit Ramps (PDF)
Item 21-21 Roundabout TTC (PDF)
Item 21-22 Green Pavement, Bikeway Posts (PDF)
 11-4-21 Minutes (PDF)

CTCDC 8-12-21 Meeting Agenda (PDF)
Item 21-05 (PDF)
Item 21-06 (PDF)
Item 21-06 Attachment (PDF)
Item 21-07 (PDF)
Item 21-08 (PDF)
Item 21-09 (PDF)
Item 21-10 (PDF)
Item 21-12 (PDF)
Item 21-12 Attachment (PDF)
Item 21-13 (PDF)
Item 21-14 (PDF)

8-12-21 Minutes (PDF)

CTCDC 5-13-2021 Agenda (PDF)
Item 21-01 (PDF)
Item 21-01 Attachment (PDF)
Item 21-02 (PDF)
Item 21-03 (PDF)
Item 21-04 (PDF)

 5-13-21 Minutes (PDF)

11-5-20 CTCDC Meeting Agenda (PDF)
Item 20-15 Back-In Angle Parking (PDF)
Item 20-16 Roundabout Markings (PDF)
Item 20-17 National Heritage Area Sign Policy (PDF)
Item 20-18 Figure and Language for Exit Ramps (PDF)
Item 20-19 Attachment 1 NCHRP 500 (PDF)
Item 20-19 Attachment 2 Proposed Sign (PDF)
Item 20-19 D10 Word Message Signs (PDF)
Item 20-20 Traffic Control Wait and Follow Traffic Sign (PDF)
Item 20-21 R10 Flashing Yellow Arrow (PDF)
Item 20-21 Attachment 1 Sign (PDF)
Item 20-22 R10-3J (CA) Touch-free Ped Sign (PDF)

 11-5-20 Minutes (PDF)
7-9-20 CTCDC Meeting Agenda 7-9-20 Minutes (PDF)
11-14-19 CTCDC Meeting Agenda
11-14-19 Minutes (PDF)
8-8-19 CTCDC Meeting Agenda 8-8-19 Minutes (PDF)

1-31-19 CTCDC Meeting Agenda (PDF)
Final Report - Internally Illuminated Raised PMs (9-10-18)
Final Report - RCTC Striping Detail (12-21-18)

1-31-19 Minutes (PDF)

8-9-18 CTCDC Meeting Agenda (PDF)
Attachment for Item 15-18 Shared-Use Path (PDF)
Attachment for Item 18-16 Red Color Pavement (PDF)
Attachment for Item 18-19 Transit Only Lanes (PDF)

8-9-18 Minutes (PDF)
5-10-18 CTCDC Meeting Agenda (PDF)
16-07 Final-Report_SFMTA_Taraval_Signage (PDF)
18-12 Interim Approval 21 (PDF)
18-12 IA-21-FHWA Approval Request (PDF)
5-10-18 Minutes (PDF)

2-8-18 CTCDC Meeting Agenda (PDF)
Final Report-Attachment for Item 13-07
Item 18-01 C47C(CA) Sign Specification (PDF)
Item 18-01 Be Work Zone Alert
Item 18-01 SB1-Logo
Item 18-07 Informational Brief
Item 18-07 IA-11 Termination Memo (PDF)
Item 18-08 Report on Minimum Yellow Light Change Interval Timing for Intersections (PDF)

2-8-18 Minutes


Meetings at 9AM every 1st Thursday in Feb, May, Aug, and Nov of each year.

Next meeting: February 3, 2022 via WebEx

Deadline to submit agenda items: 4 weeks prior to the CTCDC meeting date (1/6/22)

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