Memo To Designers (MTDs)

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Title: Date of Memo: Superseded by
Section 1 General (Policy and Procedure)  
Implementation Memo (PDF) Jan-15  
1-0 Development, Approval, Maintenance, & Termination of Memo to Designers (PDF) Jan-15  
1-8 Implementation Memo (PDF) Jan-15  
1-8 Planning Studies (PDF) Jan-15  
1-10 Considering Bridge Security During Design (Metric) (PDF) Aug-04  
1-29 Implementation Memo (PDF) Dec-14  
1-29 Structure Type Selection (PDF) Dec-14  
1-29 Attachment 1 Request for Type Selection Meeting (PDF) Dec-14  
1-29 Attachment 2 Type Selection Issues, Topics, and Items for Consideration (PDF) Dec-14  
1-29 Attachment 3 Sample Structure Type Selection Memo and Report (PDF) Dec-14  
1-29 Attachment 4 Sample Type Selection Meeting Sign-In Sheet (PDF) Dec-14  
1-29 Attachment 5 Sample Type Selection Meeting Minutes (PDF) Dec-14  
1-31 Constructability Reviews For Structures Projects (PDF) Oct-09  
1-31 Attachment 1 Constructability Reviews For Structures Projects (PDF) Oct-09  
1-47 General Notes (PDF) Inactive  STP 2.1
1-47 Attachment 1 Load Factor Design or Load and Resistance Factor Design (PDF) Inactive  STP 2.1
1-47 Attachment 2 Preface to California Amendments, 4th Ed. Amended Articles (PDF) Inactive  STP 2.1
Section 2 Plan Preparation  
Title: Date of Memo:  
2-2 Deck Contour (Metric)  Inactive  BDD 4.1 & BDD 4.2
2-2 Attachment 1 From DS-D134 (Rev 12/88)(Metric) (PDF) Inactive  BDD 4.1 & BDD 4.2
2-11 Bridge Numbering System (PDF)   May-93  
2-12 Implementation Memo (PDF) Oct-12  
2-12 Special Design Earth Retaining Systems Numbering (PDF) Oct-12  
2-12 Attachment A Request for Earth Retaining Structures Bridge Number (ERSBrNo Form) (PDF) Oct-12  
Section 3 Piles  
Title: Date of Memo:  
3-0 Pile Foundation Design (PDF) Mar-89  
3-1 Implementation Memo (PDF) Jun-14  
3-1 Deep Foundations (PDF) Jun-14  
3-1 Attachment 1 Design Procedure and Examples (PDF) Jun-14  
3-1 Attachment 2 CIDH Inspection Tubes (PDF) Jun-14  
3-1 Attachment 3 Equivalent Standard Metric Sizes (PDF) Jun-14  
3-4 Piles Adjacent to Existing Roadway or Private Property (PDF) Oct-88  
3-7 Implementation Memo (PDF) Apr-12  
3-7 Design Data Documentation and Evaluation of Anomalous Concrete Shafts (PDF) Apr-12  
3-7 Attachment 1 Shaft Design Information Forms (PDF) Apr-12  
3-7 Attachment 2 Example of Evaluation Process (PDF) Apr-12  
3-7 Attachment 3 Pile Design Data Form (GGL) (PDF) Apr-12  
3-7 Attachment 4 Pile Design Data Form (CSL) (PDF) Apr-12  
3-8 Implementation Memo (PDF) Oct-16  
3-8 Tip Post-Grouting of Drilled Shafts (PDF) Oct-16  
Section 4 Footings  
Title: Date of Memo:  
4-1 Implementation Memo (PDF) Apr-14  
4-1 Spread Footings (PDF) Apr-14  
4-1 Attachment 1 Preliminary Foundation Design Data Sheet (PDF) Apr-14  
4-1 Attachment 2 Foundation Geotechnical Data Table (PDF) Apr-14  
4-1 Attachment 3 Bridge Foundation loads (PDF) Apr-14  
4-1 Attachment 4 Foundation Design Data Sheet (PDF) Apr-14  
4-1 Attachment 5 Spread Footing Data Tables (PDF) Apr-14  
4-2 Superimpose Footing Locations on Log of Test Borings Sheet (PDF) Oct-88  
Section 5 Abutments and Retaining Walls  
Title: Date of Memo:  
5-1 Implementation Memo (PDF) Mar-17  
5-1 Abutments (PDF) Mar-17  
5-1 Attachment 1 Attachment 1 (PDF) Mar-17  
5-2 Diaphragm Abutments (PDF) Oct-92  
5-2 Diaphragm Abutments (Metric) (PDF) May-96  
5-3 Structure Approach (PDF) Dec-92  
5-3 Structure Approach (Metric) (PDF) May-96  
5-3 Attachment A Selection Process for Structure Approach Pavement System on PCC Pavement (Metric) (PDF) May-96  
5-3 Attachment B Selection Process for Structure Approach Pavement System on AC Pavement (Metric) (PDF) May-96  
5-5 Implementation Memo (PDF) Apr-14  
5-5 Design Criteria of Standard Earth Retaining Systems (PDF) Apr-14  
5-7 Earth Retaining System Safety Railing (Metric) (PDF) Jan-05  
5-10 Slope Treatment Under Structures (PDF) Apr-89  
5-12 Earth Retaining Systems Using Ground Anchors (PDF) Jun-12  
5-14 Review of Shop Drawings for Ground Anchors (PDF) Jun-12  
5-16 Review of Working Drawings for Proprietary Earth Retaining Systems (PDF) Apr-92  
5-18 Soil Nail Walls (PDF) Jan-91  
5-18 Attachment A Soil Nail Working Drawings Review Process (Interim) (PDF) Oct-04  
5-19 Implementation Memo (PDF) Jul-15  
5-19 Earth Retaining Systems Communication (PDF) Jul-15  
5-19 Attachment A Earth Retaining Systems Communication (PDF) Jul-15  
5-20 Foundation Report/Geotechnical Design Report Checklist for Earth Retaining Systems (Metric) (PDF) Aug-04  
Section 6 Bents and Piers  
Title: Date of Memo:  
6-1 Column Analysis Considerations (PDF) Feb-09  
6-5 Reinforced Concrete Pier Walls (Metric) (PDF) Feb-99  
6-5 Attachment 1 Percentage and Spacing Requirements for Pier Wall Reinforcement (Metric) (PDF) Feb-99  
6-5 Attachment 2 Pier Wall Example Reinforcement for Lightly Loaded Walls (Metric) (PDF) Feb-99  
Section 7 Bearing & Expansion Devices  
Title: Date of Memo:  
7-1 Bridge Bearings (PDF) Jun-94  
7-1 Attachment 1 Prestress Shortening (PDF) Jun-94  
7-1 Attachment 2 Structure for Examples 2 and 3 (PDF) Jun-94  
7-1 Attachment 3 Structure for Examples 4 and 5 (PDF) Jun-94  
7-1 Attachment 4 PTFE/Spherical Expansion Bearing Details (PDF) Jun-94  
7-10 Bridge Deck Joints and Deck Joint Seals (PDF) Jun-94  
7-10 Attachment 1 Calculation of Points of No Movement (PDF) Sep-94  
7-10 Attachment 2 Joint Movements Calculations (PDF) Sep-94  
7-10 Attachment 3 Maximum Contributory Structure Length (PDF) Sep-94  
7-10 Attachment 4 Prestress Shortening (PDF) Sep-94  
Approximate Properties for Preformed Elastomeric Joint Seals
Type B Manufacturer's Nominal Properties for Design Data Only (PDF)
7-10 Attachment 6 Typical Alternate Joint Seal Assembly (PDF) Sep-94  
7-10 Attachment 7 Size Blockout Dimensions (PDF) Sep-94  
7-10 Attachment 8 Typical Modular Joint Seal Assembly (PDF) Sep-94  
7-10 Attachment 9 Bridge Deck Joint Rehabilitation Projects (PDF) Sep-94  
Section 8 Deck Slabs  
Title: Date of Memo:  
8-2 Protection Against Deicing Chemicals and Freeze-Thaw Environment (PDF) Inactive STP 5.1 
8-2 Attachment 1 Table 1 (PDF) Inactive STP 5.1 
8-2 Attachment 2 California State Highways Environmental Areas (PDF) Inactive  STP 5.1 
8-2 Attachment 3 Table 2 Freeze-Thaw Areas (PDF) Inactive  STP 5.1 
8-5 Overlays on Existing Bridge Decks (Metric) (PDF) May-96  
8-6 Implementation Memo (PDF) Sep-16  
8-6 Stay-in-Place Precast Prestressed Concrete Deck Panels For Precast Concrete Girder Superstructures (PDF) Aug-16  
8-7 Stay-In-Place Metal Forms for Precast Concrete and Steel Superstructures (PDF) Jan-16  
8-8 Implementation Memo (PDF) Mar-13  
8-8 Deck Finishing and Quiet Decks (PDF) Mar-13
Section 9 Existing Bridges  
Title: Date of Memo:  
9-1 Dependent Dimension (PDF) Inactive  BDD1.1
9-2 Maintenance Rating (PDF) Inactive  STP16.2
9-2 Maintenance Rating (Metric) (PDF) Inactive  STP16.2
9-2 Attachment 1 Standard Permit Rating and Design Vehicles with Purple Loads (PDF) Inactive  STP16.2
9-2 Attachment 1 Standard Permit Rating and Design Vehicles with Purple Loads (Metric) (PDF) Inactive  STP16.2
9-3 Widening Existing Bridges (PDF) Inactive  STP 16.1
9-4 Live Loads and Stresses Historical Background (PDF) Jan-86  
9-6 Permit Upgrading (PDF) Dec-82  
9-7 Strengthening Steel Girder Bridges for Live Loads (PDF) Inactive  STP 16.6
9-7 Attachment A Strengthening Steel Girder Bridges for Live Loads (PDF) Inactive  STP 16.6
9-8 Widening Closed End Cellular Abutments (Metric) (PDF) Feb-02  
Section 10 Reinforced Concrete Box Girders  
Title: Date of Memo:  
10-1 Reinforced Concrete Strength Requirements (Metric) (PDF) Apr-99  
10-5 Protection of Reinforcement Against Corrosion Due to Chlorides, Acids Sulfates (PDF) Jun-10  
10-6 Use of Prefabricated Epoxy Coated Reinforcement in Marine Environment (PDF) Jun-10  
10-20 Deck and Soffit Slab (PDF) Inactive  STP 9.4 & BDM 9.4
10-20 Attachment 1 Deck Slab Reinforcement Details (PDF) Inactive  BDM 9.4
10-20 Attachment 2 Deck Slab Thickness and Reinforcement Schedule (PDF) Inactive  BDM 9.4
10-20 Attachment 3 Soffit Slab Reinforcement Details (PDF) Inactive  BDM 9.4
Section 11 Precast and/or Prestressed  
Title: Date of Memo:  
11-1 Implementation Memo (PDF) Apr-13  
11-1 Prestressed Concrete - Shop Drawing Review (PDF) Apr-13  
11-1 Attachment 1 Checking Prestress Shop Drawings Attachment 1 (PDF) Dec-16  
11-1 Attachment 2 Attachment 2 (PDF) Apr-13  
11-3 Designer's Check List for Prestressed Concrete (PDF) Nov-10  
11-8 Implementation Memo (PDF) Mar-14  
11-8 Design Guidelines of Precast Prestressed Girders (PDF) Feb-14  
11-18 Stressing Incomplete Bridges (PDF) Dec-88  
11-25 Anchorage Zone Design (PDF) Inactive  BDM 5.26
11-28 Prestress Clearances for Cast-In-Place Prestressed Box Girder Structures (PDF) Oct-10  
11-28 Attachment 1 Prestress Clearances for Cast-In-Place Prestressed Box Girder Structures (PDF) Jan-13  
11-28 Attachment 2 Prestress Clearances for Cast-In-Place Prestressed Box Girder Structures (PDF) Jun-15  
11-31 Curved Post-Tensioned Bridges (PDF) Inactive  BDM 5.27 
11-34 Hinge Curl (PDF) Inactive  BDM 5.23
Section 12 Structural Steel  
Title: Date of Memo:  
12-1 Review of Shop Drawings - Steel Structures (PDF) Inactive   BDM 6.12
12-2 Guidelines for Identification of Steel Bridge Members (PDF) Inactive  STP 6.1 & BDM 6.1
12-3 Camber of Steel-Concrete Composite Girders (Metric) (PDF) Inactive  BDM 6.11
12-4 Criteria for Control Dimension "Y" on Steel Girders(Metric) (PDF) Inactive  BDD 11.4
12-5 Complete Joint Penetration and Partial Joint Penetration Groove Welds (Metric) (PDF) Inactive  BDD 11.3
12-6 Field Welding Near Elastometric Bearing Pads (Metric) (PDF) Inactive  
12-7 Catwalks on Steel Bridges (Metric) (PDF) Inactive STP 6.3 
12-8 Steel Pedestrian Bridges (PDF) Inactive STP 6.2
12-9 Design Criteria For Temporary Prefabricated Modular Steel Panel Truss Bridges (PDF) Inactive STP 17.1
12-11 Galvanizing Tanks (Metric) (PDF) Inactive  
Section 13 Pedestrian Structures  
Section 14 Railings and Barriers  
Title: Date of Memo:  
14-19 Temporary Railing (PDF) Apr-90  
Section 15 Structural Analysis  
Title: Date of Memo:  
15-14 Loads for Temporary Highway Structures (PDF) Dec-10  
15-14 Attachment 1 Loads for Temporary Highway Structures (PDF) Dec-10  
15-15 Materials Hauling Equipment Loading (PDF) Inactive  STP 3.1
15-17 Future Wearing Surface (PDF) Inactive  CA 3.5.1
15-18 Additional Dead Load on Bridge Decks (PDF) Inactive  STP 16.2
15-19 Bridges With Skewed Supports (PDF) Inactive  STP 4.2
15-20 Live Load Distribution By Three Dimensional Analysis (PDF) Inactive  STP 4.1
Section 16 Structures Hydraulics  
Title: Date of Memo:  
16-1 Implementation Memo (PDF) Feb-18  
16-1 Hydraulic Design for Structures Over Waterways (PDF) Dec-17  
16-1 Attachment 1 Roles and Responsibilities (PDF) Dec-17  
16-1 Attachment 2 Hydraulic Reports (PDF) Dec-17  
16-1 Attachment 3 Glossary of Terminology for Hydraulics & Scour (PDF) Dec-17  
Section 18 Drainage and Utilities  
Title: Date of Memo:  
18-1 Bridge Deck Drainage (PDF) Sep-09  
18-2 Utilities and Openings for Future Utilities In Bridge (PDF) Feb-90  
18-2 Utilities and Openings for Future Utilities In Bridge (Metric) (PDF) Jul-96  
18-2 Attachment Encroachments on Bridges (PDF) Feb-90  
18-2 Attachment Encroachments on Bridges (Metric) (PDF) Jul-96  
18-3 Supply Lines, Communication Conduit and Sprinkler Control Conduit on Bridges (PDF) Dec-90  
Section 20 Seismic  
Title: Date of Memo:  
20-1 Seismic Design Methodology (PDF) Jul-10  
20-1 Attachment 1 Seismic References (PDF) Jul-10  
20-2 Site Seismicity for Temporary Bridge and Stage Construction (PDF) May-11  
20-3 Restrainers at Support Joints (PDF) Jul-08  
20-4 Implementation Memo (PDF) Jun-16  
20-4 Seismic Retrofit Guidelines for Bridges in California (PDF) Jun-16  
20-4 Attachment 1 Seismic Retrofit Assessment Form (PDF) Sept-16  
20-5 Identifying Seismic Design Criteria In The General Notes (PDF) Inactive  STP 2.1
20-6 Seismic Strength of Concrete Bridge Superstructures (PDF) Aug-01  
20-6 Attachment 1 Demand Procedure (Metric) (PDF) Aug-01  
20-6 Attachment 2 Capacity Procedure (Metric) (PDF) Aug-01  
20-7 Implementation Memo (PDF) Oct-14  
20-7 Seismic Design of Slab Bridges (PDF) Apr-16  
20-7 Attachment A Slab Bridge Example Details (PDF) Apr-16  
20-7 Attachment B Pile/Shaft Extension Details (PDF) Apr-16  
20-8 Analysis of Ordinary Bridges that Cross Faults (PDF) Inactive  STP 20.22
20-9 Implementation Memo (PDF) Apr-16  
20-9 Splices in Bar Reinforcing Steel for Bridges (PDF) Apr-16  
20-9 Attachment A Pile/Shaft Example Details (PDF) Apr-16  
20-9 Attachment B Spiral Splice Details (PDF) Apr-16  
20-10 Implementation Memo (PDF) Mar-13  
20-10 Fault Rupture (PDF) Jan-13  
20-11 Establishing Bridge Seismic Design Criteria (Metric) (PDF) Jan-99  
20-12 Seismic Design Criteria for Bridge Widenings (PDF) Inactive  STP 16.1
20-13 Tsunami Hazard Guidelines (PDF) Jan-10  
20-14 Quantifying the Impacts of Soil Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading on Project Delivery Attachment 1 (PDF) Jul-08  
20-14 Attachment 1 Foundation Design Flowchart based on Available Soil Data (PDF) Jul-08  
20-15 Lateral Spreading Analysis For New And Existing Bridges (PDF) May-17  
20-15 Attachment 1 Lateral Spreading Analysis For New And Existing Bridges (PDF) May-17  
20-16 Seismic Safety Peer Review (PDF) Jun-09  
20-17 Implementation Memo (PDF) Jun-14  
20-17 Understanding Directionality Concepts in Seismic Analysis (PDF) Jun-14  
20-21 Implementation Memo (PDF) Dec-16  
20-21 Seismic Requirements for Headed Bar Reinforcement (PDF) Dec-16  
20-22 Implementation Memo (PDF) Jan-19  

Seismic Design of Ordinary Bridges with Isolation Bearings (PDF)

Section 22 Sound Walls  
Title: Date of Memo:  
22-1 Sound Wall Design Criteria (Metric) (PDF) Aug-04  
22-2 Soundwall Load Distribution (Metric) (PDF) Inactive STP 4.3 
22-5 Sound Wall Plans Format for Projects by Office of Structure Design (PDF) Nov-88  
22-50 Sound Wall - Concrete Masonry Blocks (PDF) Dec-88  
22-55 Sound Wall - Design Weight - Concrete Masonry Block (PDF) Nov-88  
Section 23 Underground Structures  
Title: Date of Memo:  
23-1 Implementation Memo (PDF) Jun-17  
23-1 Buried Reinforced Concrete Box Structures (PDF) Jun-17