How To Apply

  1. Eligibility: To be eligible for an oversize/overweight (or "extralegal") permit, the main criterion is that the load be non-reducible, that is, that it cannot be reduced down and transported in a legal vehicle.
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  2. Single-Trip Permit: Instructions for Single Trip App
  3. Annual Permit Instructions for Annual Permit App
  4. STARS2: Caltrans Single-Trip Application and Routing System (STARS2) - STARS2 significantly improves turnaround time for customers.

  5. Variance Loads: Variance permits are for vehicles over 15 feet in width, 17 feet or more in height, over 135 feet in length, or on special hauling equipment which exceeds the Department's standard method of weight classification.
    • Variance Contact Info, Phone: (916) 323-2893 | Fax: (916) 322-1505

  6. Questions: For questions about oversize/overweight permits, you may call the Permits office at (916) 322-1297, or view the full list of Permits Office Contacts.

  7. Legal (Non-Permitted) Size & Weight: If your vehicle combination length or the cargo load are not eligible for an extralegal (oversize/overweight) permit, you cannot travel in California legally. You must reduce your vehicle combination length or your load to meet the California Legal Truck size and weight limit. You can contact Legal Truck Access Hotline at (916) 654-5741.