Vehicle Inspection Report

  1. Inspections are required for the following cases:
    • Four-axle power units (For extralegal weight permits only).
    • Power units that exceed 20,000 pounds on the steering axle.
    • Fixed-load vehicles, including cranes, self-propelled units, and trailer-mounted equipment.
    • Heavy haul combinations routed as a "9-axle" or greater.
    • Vehicles with a mechanical distribution units (MDU).
    • Vehicle combinations where a problem with weight distribution or dimensional inconsistency exists.
    • Boat trailers that require extralegal weight.
    • Any change of ownership or a change of configuration and/or modification to the vehicle.

    Note: Inspection reports are required for all companies -- including California-based and out-of-state -- when applying for transportation permits.

  2. How to Apply for Inspection Reports:

  3. Verbal Approval: