Single Trip Pilot Car Maps

The single trip pilot car maps serve as a visual guide for determining how many pilot cars are required for a given oversized load when traveling on a California state highway. The maps are separated by Caltrans district, starting with District 1 and ending with District 12. Pilot car requirements vary by route and are represented in five distinct colors (from least to most restrictive): yellow, green, blue, brown, and red. The legend provides further information on whether one or two pilot cars are required when specific load dimensions are met.

Single Trip Pilot Car Maps

Legend (PDF), D1 (PDF), D2 (PDF), D3 (PDF), D4 (PDF), D5 (PDF), D6 (PDF), D7 (PDF), D8 (PDF), D9 (PDF), D10 (PDF), D11 (PDF), D12 (PDF)

All Maps (D1 - D12) (PDF)


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