CA Sign Specification Updates

New/Revised/Deleted CA Sign Specifications - After release of 2014 CA MUTCD dated 11/7/14

CA Code Sign Description Date
G92 (CA) (PDF) FREEWAY ENTRANCE (Deleted) 10/29/20
SC12 (CA) (PDF) SLOW TRAFFIC AHEAD (Deleted) 5/20/20
G86-16 (CA) (PDF) Veterans Home of California (New) 3/29/19

C47A (CA) (PDF)

Construction Project Funding Identification Sign (Previous 12/9/15 version Revised on 1/11/19, notes and colors updated, sign drawing is the same) 1/11/19

C47B (CA) (PDF)

Construction Project Funding Identification Sign [Previous 12/9/15 version Revised on 1/11/19, notes and colors updated, sign drawing is the same] 1/11/19

C48 (CA) (PDF)

Construction Project Funding Identification Sign (for SB1) [New sign code. The previous C47C (CA) dated 9/19/18 is now deleted and replaced by this C48 (CA) instead. Notes and colors edited, and header changed from orange to blue.) 1/11/19
C28C (CA) Handle and staff assembly for W20-8 STOP-SLOW PADDLE [Revised, Option C handles removed, and notes edited] 5/10/18
SW60 (CA) WATCH FOR STOPPED VEHICLES [Revised, line 3 message was in error, it should have read VEHICLES instead of TRAFFIC] 4/4/18

C47C (CA)
(Superseded by C48 (CA) 1/11/19 version above)

Construction Funding Identification Sign (for SB1) [Revised on 9/19/18, URL removed from the sign. C47C (CA) was New on 2/23/18.] 9/19/18
S32 (CA) Adopt-A-Highway [Revised, small text edit to the default message on recognition panel] 2/28/18
G86-14 (CA) Murrieta Veterans Memorial Sign [Revised, placement of the exit plaque changed] 4/7/17
PREP-Series (CA) [1-line] 1-line PREP Series Educational Plaques [New] 4/7/17
PREP-Series (CA) [2-line] 2-line PREP Series Educational Plaques [New] 4/7/17
PS-Series Grids (CA) PS Series Grids (and supporting materials) [New] 4/7/17
RS-Series Grids [MUTCD] RS Series Grids [New, not currently available in FHWA's SHS] 4/7/17
R49 (CA) NO PED CROSSING, USE CROSSWALK [Revised, double arrow layout added] 4/8/16
R82-1 (CA) * HOV 2+ LANE AHEAD ___ MILE [Reinstated and Revised, CARPOOL changed to HOV 2+] 7/19/17
R115 (CA) PILOT CAR DO NOT PASS [Revised, dimension lines and color legend adjusted] 7/21/17
R116 (CA) ALT FUEL VEHICLE PARKING ONLY [Revised, drawing enlarged, dimension lines and color legend adjusted] 7/21/17
R117 (CA) PASS Bicycle (symbol) 3 FT MIN [Revised, dimension lines and color legend adjusted] 7/21/17
R118 (CA) EXCEPT Bicycle (symbol) [Revised, dimension lines and color legend adjusted] 7/21/17
S1-1 (CA) STATE PROPERTY [Revised, sign layout revised to a 2-line message] 6/20/17
C47A (CA)
(Superseded by 1/11/19 version above)
Construction Funding Identification Sign [New] 12/9/15
C47B (CA)
(Superseded by 1/11/19 version above)
Construction Funding Identification Sign [New] 12/9/15
W88-2 (CA) METER ON (Activated Blank-Out) [New] 7/7/15
W88-3 (CA) 210 WEST METER ON (Activated Blank-Out) [New] 7/7/15
W89 (CA) PREPARE TO STOP (Activated Blank-Out) 7/7/15
W90 (CA) Emergency Scene Ahead [New]


Updates Packages - summary of changes, including sign specs and notes

11/7/14 (21 new, 10 revised, 4 (CA) and 6 (Fed) deleted signs)
1/13/12 (18 new, 38 revised, 18 reinstated officially, & 40 deleted sign)
1/21/10 (102 new/revised signs, revised appendix, & 8 deleted/superseded signs)
1/22/08 (2 sign specs)
11/21/07 (1 sign spec, 1 CA MUTCD figure)
6/14/07 (21 sign specs)
1/31/07 (7 sign specs)
9/28/06 (8 sign specs)
6/05/06 Revision 2 - 7/10/06 (14 sign specs)
6/05/06 Revision 1 - 6/19/06 (20 sign specs)
6/05/06 (22 sign specs)
4/27/05 (18 sign specs)
4/15/05 (38 sign specs)

Unofficial CA Sign Specifications

CA Code Sign Description Date
(Not officially included in the 2012 CA MUTCD)

For Use in California, RG- RL- and RS-series Recreational Area Sign Drawings

FHWA Code Sign Description FHWA Code Sign Description
RG-010 Automobile RS-077 Winter Recreational Area
RL-150 Motorcycle RS-078 Snowshoeing
RS-005 Tunnel RS-079 Canoeing
RS-006 Lookout Tower RS-081 Technical Rock Climbing
RS-007 Lighthouse RS-082 Climbing
RS-009 Dam RS-084 Spelunking-Caves
RS-010 Fish Hatchery RS-086 Litter Receptacle
RS-011 Deer Viewing Area RS-087 Tour Boat
RS-012 Bear Viewing Area RS-088 Wading
RS-013 Drinking Water RS-089 Fish Ladder
RS-015 Ranger Station RS-090 Fire Extinguisher
RS-017 Pets on Leash RS-091 Trash Dumpster
RS-021 Men's Restroom RS-092 Ice Fishing
RS-022 Restrooms RS-093 Fish Cleaning
RS-023 Women's Restroom RS-095 All-Terrain Trail
RS-024 First Aid RS-101 NO Cans or Bottles
RS-031 Bus Stop RS-102 Snack Bar
RS-034 Parking RS-103 NO Radios
RS-035 Showers RS-104 Recreational Vehicle Site
RS-036 Viewing Area  RS-105 Chair Lift-Ski Lift
RS-037 Sleeping Shelter RS-106 Seal Viewing
RS-039 Picnic Shelter RS-107 Whale Viewing
RS-040 Trailer Site RS-108 Wind Surfing
RS-041 Sanitary Station RS-109 Theater
RS-042 NO Campfires RS-112 NO Firewood Cutting
RS-044 Picnic Site RS-113 Diving Tour
RS-046 Cross-Country Skiing RS-114 Interpretive Trail
RS-047 Downhill Skiing RS-115 Sea Plane
RS-049 Sledding RS-116 Archery
RS-052 Snowmobiling RS-117 Hand Launch/Small Boat Launch
RS-053 Marina RS-118 Kayaking
RS-054 Boat Ramp  RS-119 Fishing Pier
RS-055 Motorboating RS-121 Jet Ski-Personal Watercraft
RS-056 Sailing RS-126 Hang Gliding
RS-057 Rowboating RS-127 Snowboarding
RS-058 Waterskiing RS-137 Baby Changing Station (Men's Rm)
RS-059 Surfing RS-138 Baby Changing Station (Women's Rm)
RS-060 Scuba Diving RS-140 Pick-up Trucks
RS-061. Swimming RS-141 Nature Study Area
RS-061 NO Swimming RS-142 Cultural Interest Area
RS-062 Diving RS-143 Dog Sledding
RS-063 Fishing Area RS-144 Snow Tubing
RS-064 Horse Trail RS-145 Beach
RS-067 Off-Road Vehicle Trail RS-146 Rafting
RS-068 Hiking Trail RS-147 NO Boat Motor
RS-070 Amphitheater RS-148 Walk-In Camp
RS-071 Tramway RS-149 Corral
RS-073 Stable RS-150 Electrical Hook-Up
RS-076 Wildlife Viewing RS-200 Recycling

PLEASE NOTE:  These working drawings are provided as a courtesy by FHWA’s MUTCD team, until the Standard Highway Signs & Markings Book is published by FHWA to include these sign specifications.

For size information, refer to the sign specification on 2004 Standard Highway Signs Book, Page 3-113 under the “Guide” section (see page 115/168 total pages in the .pdf file).

If 30” size Recreational Series signs are desired, not available per the 2004 SHS Book reference, above, see the G200-81 (CA) for relative sizes for white on brown signs.