Traffic Operations Policy

Traffic Operations Policy Directives (TOPDs), Memos, and Letters

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Number Effective
24-01 02/08/2024  Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI) at Signalized Intersections (PDF)
23-01 01/30/2023 Traffic Count Baseline Guidance Due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic (PDF)
Memo 12/29/2022 Implementation of Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI) at Signalized Intersections (PDF)
22-06 03/09/2022 Department Furnished Electrical Equipment and Software Programs on the State Highway System (PDF)
22-03 02/11/2022 Communications to Traffic Signals (PDF)
22-01 01/03/2022 Adaptive Traffic Signal Control (ATSC) Technology at Signalized Intersections on the State Highway System (PDF)
21-14 11/23/2021 Engineering, Operational, and Safety Analysis (EOSA) Guidance (PDF)
21-13 11/05/2021 Recording and Retention of Traffic Video Images in the State Highway Right-of-Way (PDF)
21-12 11/01/2021 Local Traffic Responsive and Corridor Adaptive Ramp Metering on the State Highway System (PDF)
21-09 08/06/2021 Caltrans Roadway Lighting Manual (PDF)
21-06 06/24/2021 Touch-free Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) (PDF)
20-03 11/13/2020 Portable Changeable Message Signs (PCMS) Anti-Hacking Protection (PDF)
20-01 11/06/2020 Managed Lane System Plan (MSLP) Guidelines (PDF)
Memo 12/16/2019 Special Events Encroachment Permits: Equal Prize Compensation Requirements (AB 467 Implementation) (PDF)
Memo 08/07/2017 Exemption for Encroachment Filming Permits from the "Implementation of Traffic Breaks" (PDF)
Memo 07/26/2017 Temporary Ground Anchor (Tieback) Encroachments (PDF)
Memo 05/17/2017 Guidelines for Visibility Improvement Requests (VIRs) (PDF)
Memo 12/28/2016 Tower Cranes Encroaching Over State Highway Right-of-Way (PDF)
Memo 05/10/2016 Encroachment Permits for Filming Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (PDF)
Memo 03/15/2016 Eruvin Within State Right-of-Way (PDF)
13-02 08/30/2013 Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) (PDF)
06-03 06/07/2006 Commercial Television Broadcasts from Transportation Management Centers (TMC) (PDF)
06-02 06/07/2006 Distributing Traveler Information to Commercial/Media Information Service Providers (PDF)
Memo 01/25/1991 Nonstandard Lighting Poles on Conventional State Highways Installed and Maintained by Others (PDF)