Specific Service (Business Logo) Sign Program

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What Is the Logo Program?

The program commonly referred to as the "Business Logo Signing Program" is designed to direct motorists not familiar with the area to "FUEL," "FOOD," "LODGING," "CAMPING," and "EV CHARGING" services at or near rural freeway interchanges.

Under the program, Caltrans will furnish, install, and maintain Specific Service Signs within the state highway right-of-way. Specific service signs have a blue background with a white border and legend. The Logo signs are provided by the business. Caltrans will install Logo signs on specific service signs.

Specific Service Signs identify the types of services available at the next rural freeway off-ramp. Signs can contain one or more types of service categories:

  • FUEL
  • FOOD

There are three types of Specific Service Signs:

  • Specific Service (Mainline) Signs: installed on the mainline of the freeway
  • Directional (Specific Service Ramp) Signs: placed on the off-ramp
  • Specific Service (Trailblazer) Signs: installed along other public highways (crossroads) as necessary to direct motorists to the business referred on any Logo sign

Note: Directional (Specific Service Ramp) Signs or a Specific Service (Trailblazer) Signs shall be the same in shape, color, and message as those shown on the Specific Service (Mainline) Signs but shall be of smaller size.

  • A Logo sign on a Specific Service (Mainline) Sign shall be 48 inches in width and 36 inches in height.
  • A Logo sign on a Specific Service (Ramp/Trailblazer) Sign shall be 18 inches in width and 12 inches in height.

Does My Business Qualify?

A business whose primary and principal source of revenue is from the sale of goods, products, or services which fall within the service categories of "FUEL,""FOOD," "LODGING," "CAMPING," and "EV CHARGING," and qualify for signing under the Logo program rules and regulations.

Who Do I Contact?

To find out if your business can qualify, it is recommended that you contact the Logo Coordinator in the Caltrans district in which the sign will be installed on the Specific Service Sign.

Fee Schedule

Item Fee

Permit Fee


Rental Fee


Service Fee (Mainline)


Service Fee (Off-ramp)


Transfer Fee


  • Permit Fee - Charged annually for affixing a business Logo sign to a specific service sign
  • Rental Fee - Charged annually for affixing a business Logo sign to a specific service sign
  • Service Fee - Charged as-needed for covering, uncovering, removing, reinstalling, or replacing a business Logo sign
  • Transfer Fee - Charged as-needed for any change in ownership for each permit


  • For a new installation, the permit fee does not get prorated, but the rental fee can be prorated if necessary.
  • Annual fees are charged per sign. Therefore, if you have a mainline sign and an off-ramp sign in two directions (i.e. northbound and southbound), you have four signs. Annual fees are calculated using the below equation:

    Total annual fee = # of signs x (Permit Fee + Rental Fee)

Review the resources below for additional information: