Single Trip Permit

Single trip permits are available for hauling non-reducible loads and are subject to pilot car requirements.

Depending on the color of the route(s) and structure(s) that will be utilized, a permitted load can travel with the following maximum dimensions and weight:

Height = Varies. Loaded height must clear lowest structure on permitted route by 3".
Width = 14' - 0" max in general, 15' - 0" max without CHP escort on green, blue, and brown routes. 16' - 0" max on yellow routes.
Length = 135' - 0" max
Weight = Purple Chart Weight max

Single trip permit loads are only valid for one-way travel from Point A to Point B. An additional single permit is required for the return trip if the vehicle is of extralegal size since the roadway may be on a different alignment or may have different conditions and clearances.

Single trip permits are valid for seven consecutive days and may be issued up to 3 days in advance.

Single trip permit loads that exceed the pilot car requirements for width, length, height, or a structure's weight rating will be subject to CHP requirements.

How to Apply for a Permit