Vertical and Horizontal Clearance or Bridge Weight Rating Changes

A Resident Engineer (RE) is required to notify the HQ Transportation Permits Branch of all operations which will reduce vertical or horizontal clearances available to public traffic (including shoulders) or reduce bridge weight ratings. At least 15 days before implementing proposed changes in vertical clearances, horizontal clearances, or weight ratings, an RE must notify the Transportation Permits Branch of the proposed changes and their duration. (Construction Manual 3-703A).

Notifying 15 days before the anticipated start date of a clearance or weight rating reduction allows the Caltrans Construction Liaison staff to update the Route Clearing Database with all construction restrictions before we issue transportation permits to customers in order to avoid conflicts. Transportation Permits are issued to customers based on the travel conditions at the time of issuance and are valid up to 10 days.

The RE is required to submit a diagram by filling out one of the Notice of Change in Clearance Forms (TR-0019, TR-0020, and TR-0029) for any of the following changes:

  1. Any reductions to horizontal clearances, including shoulders, for work such as paving, etc.
  2. Any reductions of vertical clearances, including shoulders, during construction projects such as pavement overlays, overhead sign installation, or falsework girder erection.
  3. Any permanent changes in vertical or horizontal clearances.
  4. Any changes to Bridge Weight Ratings.

Notice of temporary or permanent changes must be submitted via an appropriate form: TR-0019, TR-0029, or TR-0020 for divided highway, non-divided highway, or overhead sign only respectively as shown below:

TR-0019 (Revised 11/2014 - PDF)
Notice of Change of Clearance or Bridge Weight Rating – Divided Highway, including K-RAIL

TR-0029 (Revised 11/2014 - PDF)
Notice of Change of Clearance or Bridge Weight Rating – Non-Divided Highway, including K-RAIL

TR-0020 (Revised 11/2014 - PDF)
Notice of Change in Vertical or Horizontal Clearance – Overhead Sign Only

The forms are available on the Caltrans Electronic Forms System (CEFS) page in Onramp. The RE may also contact Caltrans Construction Liaison staff at for the forms.

These forms must be completely filled out with all required information regarding the restriction, including Start and End dates, postmile (not station numbers), etc., and sent to Caltrans Construction Liaison staff at  One form is for one closure. Caltrans Construction Liaison staff will verify and sign off before they send an approval copy back to the RE for their records.

The 15 days advance notice to the Transportation Permit Unit is very important. The RE may submit a notice 15 days in advance with a pending start date while waiting for approval from the TMC. If the start is delayed or canceled, the RE may notify the Construction Liaison staff via email.

If vertical or horizonal clearance reductions are not notified to the Transportation Permits Branch on time (less than 15 days), the RE will be responsible for any incident and must accommodate oversize permit loads with valid Transportation Permits. The oversize permit load must be allowed to travel through the construction area and cannot be directed to a detour. The RE should contact Caltrans Construction Liaison staff as soon as possible to inform them of the reduction and install advance warning signs in order to avoid further potential conflicts with Oversize and/or Overweight loads.

If a restriction needs to be extended beyond the initially provided tentative end date, the RE responsible must send an additional notification or revised notification form at least 15 days prior to the original end date.

REs can contact Caltrans Construction Liaison staff directly via email regarding how to fill out the forms or any other questions on construction restrictions submittal process.

Caltrans Construction Liaison District Email
Armando Perez 1, 2, 3, and 4
Alex Trejo 5, 6, and 7
Kevin Munday 8, 9, and 10
Ian Dionisio 11 and 12


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