Annual Permit

Annual permits are available for hauling non-reducible loads or qualifying vehicles and are limited to the following maximum dimensions and weight:

Height = 14'-0" (Legal)
Width = 12'-0" max
Length = Varies
Weight = Varies (Legal, Green, and Purple Chart Weight)

Kingpin to Rear Axle (KPRA) = 40'0" max (except as specifically allowed per Vehicle Code)

Annual permits are valid for one (1) year and must be renewed prior to expiration to avoid a lapse in validity. Please allow a minimum of fourteen (14) business days for processing annual permits. Renewals may be submitted up to sixty (60) days prior to permit expiration.

An annual permit is prohibited from traveling on any red route in its respective Annual Pilot Car Map.

Annual Permits are subject to all weekly short-term restrictions as posted on the Transportation Permits homepage.

How to Apply for a Permit