Mile Marker: A Caltrans Performance Report

Summer 2021

Image of the Summer 2021 Mile Marker cover

Director's Message

Portrait of Caltrans Director, Toks OmishakinRecently, on multiple occasions, I moved my workspace outdoors and, with several Caltrans teammates, had the privilege to participate in collaborative restoration efforts for our beautiful state.

Mile Markers

Mile Markers thumbnail image showing 6 goal iconsCaltrans Key Strategic Plan Performance Measures

Heading in a New Direction

Conceptual Art showing people boarding a bus and train, with many pedestrians and a bicyclist.California Transportation Plan 2050 Offers Roadmap to Cleaner, Fairer, Safer System Over Next Three Decades

Driving Down Greenhouse Gas Levels

Graphic Illustration of a green city, with many travel options depicting bus, train, bicycle, and an electric vehicleStrategy to Reduce Vehicle Miles on Roadways Key to Meeting State Goals

Strategic Plan Broadens Caltrans Mission

Photos for story depicting Caltrans employees, a road, pedestrians, a bridge, and a bike pathSafety, Equity, Environment Among Department's Priorities through 2024

Making Strides Toward Saving Lives

Overhead view of a crosswalk with many pedestrians passing both ways.Safe System Approach Emphasizes a More Forgiving Transportation System

Safety Concerns Extend to Our Animal Friends, Too

Photo of a bear using a wildlife passage.Caltrans Strives To Create Safer Passages for Wildlife in State Highway Zones

Project Spotlight: Schuyler F. Heim Bridge

Aerial view of the Commodore Schuyler F. Heim Bridge and spanning the waterway between Terminal Island and Long Beach.South State Span Replaced After Nearly 75 Years Linking to Busy Ports

Project Spotlight: Echo Summit

Photo of workers hoisting old bridge guardrail. Mountain scenery in background.Caltrans Flawlessly Walked the Proverbial Tightrope on Scenic Tahoe Span Replacement

Paving the Way for a More Efficient Travel System

Photo of a paving machine and crew repairing pavement at nightCaltrans Finds $340 Million in Cost Savings/Avoidances in Latest Fiscal Year

Project Database Goes Virtual

Cover image of the Ten-Year Project Book report$44.5 Billion’s Worth of Planned Work Through 2028-29 Listed on Site

Collaboration Dials Down Conflict

Illustration concept depicting a team of people coming together to solve a problem.Partnership Program Pays Off for Caltrans and Its Construction Partners

New Laws Address Climate Change Impacts, Worker Safety

Photo of the California State Capitol building with California State Flag in the foreground.Lawmakers, Governor Set State Transportation Priorities

With Shredded Tires, Pavement Is on a Roll

Photo: close-up view of a hand holding small bits of shredded rubber to be used for transportation projectsFor the Fourth Straight Year, Caltrans Tops Its Crumb Rubber Requirements