Colusa County Bonus Segments

Route Beginning Post Mile* Ending Post Mile*
5 R0.070 R1.660
5 R1.820 R2.290
5 R2.310 R3.130
5 R3.160 R6.380
5 R9.850 R10.290
5 R10.320 R11.110
5 R13.290 R13.730
5 R13.770 R15.780
5 R16.080 R16.270
5 R16.300 R16.500
5 R16.650 R16.810
5 R16.820 R17.340
5 R17.370 R17.960
5 R18.300 R19.290
5 R19.340 R22.720
5 R22.750 R24.710
5 R24.730 R26.720
5 R26.740 R29.190
5 R29.430 R30.830
5 R30.840 R31.830
5 R31.850 R34.300

*Post miles are mile markers along the highway. They increase going northbound or eastbound starting at zero at the county line. Due to realignments over time there is not always a mile between post miles.

R -- First realignment