28 Proven Safety Countermeasures

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Speed Management:

Countermeasure Resource
Speed Safety Cameras
speed safety cameras icon
Variable Speed Limits
variable speed limits icon
Appropriate Speed Limits for All Road Users
appropriate speed limits icon

Roadway Departure:

Countermeasure Resource
Wider Edge Lines
wider edge lines icon
Enhanced Delineation for Horizontal Curves
enhanced delineation for horizontal curves icon
Longitudinal Rumble Strips and Stripes
longitudinal rumble strip and stripes icon
Tapered Edge
tapered edge icon
Roadside Design Improvement at Curves
roadside design improvement at curves icon
Median Barrier
median barrier icon


Countermeasure Resource
Backplates with Retroreflective Borders
backplates with retroreflective borders  icon
Corridor Access Management
corridor access management icon
Left- and Right-Turn Lanes at Two-Way Stop-Controlled Intersections
left and right turn lanes at two-way stop-controlled intersections  icon
Reduced Left-Turn Conflict Intersections
reduced left-turn conflict intersections icon
roundabouts icon
Systemic Application of Multiple Low Cost Countermeasures at Stop-Controlled Intersections
systemic application of multiple low cost countermeasures at stop-controlled intersections icon
Yellow Change Intervals
yellow change intervals icon


Countermeasure Resource
Crosswalk Visibility Enhancements
crosswalk visibility enhancements icon
Bicycle Lanes
bicycle lanes icon
Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons
rectangular rapid flashing beacons icon
Leading Pedestrian Interval
leading pedestrian interval icon
Medians and Pedestrian Crossing Islands in Urban and Suburban Areas
medians and pedestrians crossing islands in urban and suburban areas  icon
Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons
pedestrian hybrid beacon icon
Road Diets (Roadway Reconfigurations)
road diets icon
walkways icon
  • FHWA - PSC Overview (Walkways)
  • Caltrans - Context Sensitive Solutions (Director's Policy DP-22) (PDF available upon request)
  • Caltrans - Complete Streets (Director's Policy DP-37) (PDF available upon request)


Countermeasure Resource
Pavement Friction Management
pavement friction management icon
lighting icon
Local Road Safety Plans
local road safety plans icon
Road Safety Audits
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