Proven Safety Countermeasures

Safety is the number one priority for Caltrans and we are committed to the 4 Pillars of Traffic Safety:

  1. Double Down on What Works
  2. Accelerate Advanced Technology
  3. Implement a Safe System Approach
  4. Integrate Equity

More than ever, Caltrans is embracing a data-driven approach to reducing serious injuries and fatalities across all travel modes.  Under the leadership of the Federal Highway Administration, (FHWA) data-driven strategies (Countermeasures) were first publicized in 2008 and were then updated in 2012, 2017, and 2021.   The countermeasures are supported by studies undertaken across the United States and have been proven to provide significant and measurable safety benefits.  Additionally, Caltrans has issued, and will continue to issue, guidance and standards that support the effective implementation of Proven Safety Countermeasures.

Implementing Proven Safety Countermeasures directly aligns with the first of our 4 Pillars of Traffic Safety – Double Down on What Works.

Among the 28 Proven Safety Countermeasures are several cross-cutting strategies that address multiple safety focus areas.