Right of Way Certification

 Local agencies and railroads must come to an agreement regarding any right of way required to complete the scope of work. Local Agency will secure all legally required and necessary permits and approvals before commencing Project construction. The local agency must certify that all Uniform Act requirements have been met. Right of Way (R/W) work includes but is not limited to the preparation of R/W plans, utility relocations, appraisals, and payments for real property, if needed. Additional information can be found in the Caltrans Right of Way Manual and the LAPM.

  • Railroad will construct railroad track and signal work to its own standard specifications.
  • Local Agency will not perform any work on the Railroad tracks or within railroad right of way without securing written permission from the railroad.
  • Project work done within 25 feet of the centerline of the Railroad track may require Railroad flagging to protect the workers of Local Agency or its contractors.
  • Any copy of an agreement between Railroad and Local Agency shall be provided to Caltrans by Local Agency as soon as it is executed.


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