Eligible Improvements

The CPUC determines the scope of work needed to eliminate vehicular and pedestrian hazards and creates a project package with a list of eligible improvements for each railway-highway crossing.

Warning devices that are part of the eligible improvement must follow the regulations in the CPUC General Order 75-D and warning devices must be in conformance with the CA MUTCD.

Railway-highway crossing improvement projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Railroad Improvements: New and upgraded warding devices, updated lighting to LED, train track detection circuitry or interconnection
  • Road Improvements such as:
    • Approach Improvements: channelization, traffic signals, guardrails
    • Pedestrian/Bicycle Crossing improvements: sidewalks, curb and gutter, detectable warning tiles, pedestrian flashers and gates, fencing, crossing surface extension and gap fillers.
    • Signage, striping, and pavement marking improvements
    • New and updated illumination
    • Installation of medians to prevent vehicles from circumventing gates
    • Active warning equipment installation/upgrades: flashing lights and gates, track circuitry, signal interconnection and preemption, train activated warning devices, and wayside horns
    • Visibility improvements: sight distance improvements & vegetation clearance
    • Roadway geometry improvements: horizontal and vertical alignment such as humped crossings, grading and paving
  • Grade crossing elimination:
    • Closure of a railway-highway grade crossing - when vehicular traffic is removed from conflict with railroad traffic at-grade through the construction of physical barriers that prevent such conflicts or the removal of the vehicular roadway, i.e., pavement from the crossing.
    • Abandonment of a railway-highway grade crossing - when railroad traffic is removed from conflict with at-grade vehicular traffic through the cessation of all railroad operation, or the removal of tracks from the crossing. Removal of tracks is eligible for Section 130 Program funding if the railway-highway crossing was on the CPUC’s Priority List. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is responsible for enforcing the removal of tracks from abandoned at-grade crossings.


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