Typical Process for Section 130 Projects

Typical Process for Section 130 Projects
  1. CPUC Priority List Location Identified based on CPUC Guidelines
  2. Diagnostic site visit with CPUC, Caltrans, Local Agency and RR
  3. Caltrans RHCP obtains Federal Authorization for funds (FTIP/FSTIP and E-76)
  4. Caltrans RHCP executes concurrent contracts with RR & Local Agency
  5. RR and Local Agencies begin to invoice CT RHCP for work on the project
  6. Local Agency and RR work on the design package
  7. Local Agency and RR work together to complete Environmental and Right of Way Certs
  8. Final design completed by Local Agency and RR.
  9. Local Agency submits a GO 88-B Form for the project for CPUC review
  10. GO 88-B is approved by the CPUC
  11. Local Agency completes DBE Goals Form for the project
  12. Project is advertised and awarded by the local agency
  13. RR and Local Agencies proceed to Construction
  14. RR and Local Agencies submit final invoices to CT RHCP. Close out project
Conceptual Timeline for Section 130 Projects
RHCP Section (Section 130) Checklist


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