Hats Off

State Route 1 north of Westport

A Caltrans vehicle is parked on the side of State Route 1 at one of innumerable points that the iconic roadway overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

CT News photo

‘A thank you for the great job you do'

Note: The following email was sent to Caltrans District 5 on Feb. 25 by Brett Schaffter of San Diego.

So many times we are too quick to criticize and don’t spend enough time acknowledging jobs well done.

So, just a quick thank you for the great job you do on maintaining and improving our highway system here in California.

More specifically, as an enthusiastic California recreational coastal traveler, I’m particularly pleased how well and quickly Caltrans repairs State Route 1 when the inevitable landslides temporarily close our state’s most beautiful and iconic highway.

Caltrans is one of the few government agencies that I feel spends my hard-earned tax dollars well and with a quality outcome.

Keep up the great work!