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Caltrans' Division of Transportation Planning articulates a long-term vision for California's transportation system and implements statewide transportation policy through partnerships with State, regional, and local agencies. The Division provides quality Planning Products, Services, and Information to support and guide transportation investment decisions. Contact Transportation Planning

Caltrans this week released the final version of its 2021 Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan (ITSP), a highway and rail improvement plan to prioritize and develop transportation projects that connect the state’s different ...

Published: Oct 08, 2021


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Open Enrollment Training Requirements

  • Must be Job-Related
  • Must have Supervisor's Approval
  • Must be Processed through PDL

    You get three live sessions of soft skill training per year.


  • Once requirements have been met (see above)
    • Please contact Alison Grimes for enrollment.
    • Please read our Cancellation Policy.

The Workforce Development Branch (WDB) offers quality training to Transportation Planners, Planning Staff, and Partner Agencies. The training provides opportunities to Planning Staff to excel and achieve their personal goals, as well as the goals of Caltrans. WDB is responsible for registration, instructor, and classroom costs; the attendees’ District or Program is responsible for any travel and per diem costs.

Workforce Development Branch Cancellation Policies

Cancellation Policy for all training classes, academies, workshops and conferences is the following:


  • Attendees must notify Alison Grimes a minimum of three working days before the start date of the event  via email, alison.grimes@dot.ca.gov, or by phone (916) 651-8198.
  • Attendees must fill out a training request form and return to Alison Grimes.  Click on this link to Training Request Form
  • The District/Division PDL or Training Coordinator and Supervisor should also be notified of all cancellations.


Attendees are expected to attend the entire training or workshop, and may forfeit the ability to attend future trainings and workshops due to abuse of the cancellation policy. Any cancellation received less than 48 hours in advance will result in the attendees program or district paying the full cost of attendance.



Important Training Links

  • Technical Series - Training Resources and Informational Videos
  • Training Plan

Additional Programs

  • Mineta Transportation Institute

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