Planning and Modal Programs

Planning and Modal Programs shapes the future of multimodal transportation across California by envisioning, articulating, and implementing desired outcomes. Within PMP are the Divisions of Aeronautics, Local Assistance, Rail and Mass Transportation, Research Innovation & System Information, Transportation Planning, as well as the Caltrans Office of Race and Equity,  Caltrans Integrated Travel Program, and the  Office of Enterprise Data and Geospatial Governance.


Caltrans Office of Race and Equity (CORE)

Caltrans Office of Race and Equity (CORE) was created in 2020 to support Caltrans in its leadership role and unique responsibility in State government to eliminate barriers to more equitable transportation for all Californians.

California Integrated Transportation Program (Cal-ITP)

California Integrated Transportation Program (Cal-ITP) is the first of its kind. This program is working to better connect travel on the 300+ public transit agencies in California, increase convenience for travelers, increase ridership on transit and boost revenues for transit agencies.

Enterprise Data and Geospatial Governance

Enterprise Data and Geospatial Governance works to improve access to useful and reliable data for Caltrans and our partners and customers.

California Transportation Plan (CTP 2050)

The California Transportation Plan (CTP 2050) is the state's long-range transportation plan that establishes an aspirational vision that articulates strategic goals, policies, and recommendations to improve multimodal mobility and accessibility while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.