Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP)

All federally-funded projects must be included in an FHWA-approved Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP). Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) projects are programmed in FTIP on a lump-sum basis. Each Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is provided a backup list of their HSIP projects for the FTIP programming.

Grouped Projects for Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) - FY2021 FTIP Backup Listings

The HSIP FTIP backup listings are provided in an Excel file containing multiple worksheets: a summary showing the latest date for each MPO's backup listing, statewide FTIP backup listing, and in alphabetical order, individual FTIP backup listings for the MPOs.

The High Risk Rural Roads (HR3) Program has been part of the HSIP program since MAP-21. Column "B" in the HSIP backup listings indicates the HR3 eligibility of each project.

Note: MPOs are to amend these new grouped project listings in their FY 2021 FTIPs. The fact that a project is shown in the below backup listings does not mean that it has been officially included in the FTIP of its MPO. It is the responsibility of each MPO to ensure that these projects are included in its FTIP before a local agency may request authorization to proceed with any phase of the projects.

HSIP Backup Listings for FY2023 FTIP (Provided to MPOs on 03/15/2023)

FSTIP Information and Status

The FTIP is managed by the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and the Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPAs). The Office of Federal Transportation Management Program (OFTMP) is responsible for preparing and managing the Federal Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (FSTIP), a four year statewide intermodal program of transportation projects. The FSTIP is prepared by Caltrans in cooperation with the MPOs and the RTPAs.

For the status of the FSTIP and its amendments, MPOs’ contact list and other information, please visit the website of the OFTMP.