Delivery Requirements, Project Status and Project Change Requests

In order to increase visibility and improve project delivery, the Office of Federal Programs has developed delivery requirements for the local Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) projects. All agencies are expected to deliver their HSIP projects within the time frames provided in the delivery requirements.

HSIP Project Time Extension and Scope/Cost Change

If an HSIP project cannot meet the delivery requirements due to unexpected circumstances, the Local Public Agency (LPA) may request a time extension prior to the due date of the project delivery requirement of the phase. Please complete the below form and submit it to the DLAE if a time extension is needed. The same form is also used when an HSIP project needs a scope/cost change.

When an updated BCR calculation is required (see instructions in the above form), the scope/cost change will be considered only if the updated the BCR is no less than the average BCR cutoff of the most recent three HSIP cycles, which is 12.5 (the average BCR cutoff of HSIP Cycles 9, 10 & 11) currently. For a scope/cost change, if the form requires that the project’s Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) be re-calculated, the HSIP Analyzer that performs the BCR calculation may be downloaded below:

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Federally funded HSIP projects, FTIP Programming and EPSP:

After being selected for funding, federally funded HSIP projects must be programmed in the Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) of the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). If an HSIP project is ready to move forward to the next phase however the project is not programmed in the current Federal Fiscal Year (FFY), the local agency can and should use the Expedited Project Selection Procedures (EPSP) to shift the programmed project funding in order to meet the delivery schedule. Caltrans District and Headquarters staff will work with local agencies to ensure that the use of the EPSP and the authorization requests are approved as quickly as possible.

State funded HSIP projects:

Senate Bill (SB) 137 (Chapter 639 of the 2019 Statues), effective October 8, 2019, added Section 182.85 to the Streets and Highways Code that authorizes Caltrans to allow up to $100 million of federal local assistance funds be exchanged for non-federal State Highway Account (SHA) funds.  This made it possible to use state funds in delivering some HSIP projects. Please click here for information related to the state funded HSIP projects.

Project and Program Summaries

The table below has links to summary reports for the HSIP program. Local agencies with on-going HSIP projects should check and monitor the delivery status of each of their projects by opening the “List of All Projects ” report. This report shows the expected PE and CON authorization dates for each project and its current delivery status.

Reports Updated As Of Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)
Includes High Risk Rural Road Projects
July 8, 2024 Detailed Project Delivery Status

List of All Projects(Excel)
List of Delayed Projects(Excel)


Summary by District (PDF)
Summary by HSIP Cycles (PDF)