Approved Project Lists

The projects approved for HSIP Cycle 11 was announced on March 9, 2023.  In HSIP Cycle 11 Call-for-Projects, 434 applications from 206 local public agencies, requesting $521.1 million of HSIP funds, have been received.  286 projects, totaling $231.6 million in HSIP funds, were selected for funding.  See below for the detailed HSIP Cycle 11 project list.

State funds will be used for many approved HSIP Cycle 11 projects; the approved projects that fit into the High-Risk Rural Road (HR3) will be federalized to meet the FHWA’s Special Rule for the High-Risk Rural Roads; the approved BCR projects that implement mainly Ped/Bike safety countermeasures may be federalized for satisfying the FHWA’s Special Rule for Vulnerable Road Users (VRU).

For the process for implementing the state Funded HSIP Projects, please click state-funded-HSIP

For the process for implementing the Federal Funded HSIP Projects, please click here


Systemic Safety Analysis Report Program (SSARP)

For selected projects under the SSARP program, please go to

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