Special Route Restriction History - Route 152


Hecker Pass is a 9.6-mile stretch of Route 152 between Watsonville (PM 3.69 at Carlton Rd. near Watsonville in Santa Cruz County) and Gilroy (PM 5.03 at Watsonville Rd. near Gilroy in Santa Clara County).


"No tractor-trailer combinations over 45 feet in length."


An exemption to this truck prohibition is granted to semitrailer trucks, including logging trucks, to enter the restricted area for the purpose of providing services, making pickups or deliveries of goods, wares and merchandise or delivering construction materials to sites within the restricted highway segment that have no other means of access.

Alternate Routes

Trucks may use Route 129 as a detour.


1968 - Signs were installed recommending that trucks use Route 129 instead of Route 152.

1978 - County of Santa Cruz Public Works Department, after receiving approval from the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, requested that Caltrans District 4 conduct a study to restrict trucks. The truck study was completed in 1979; the study recommended against a restriction at that time because construction on Route 129 was causing an abnormally high traffic volume on Route 152.

1985 - The Santa Cruz County Transportation Commission began a new effort with a public hearing, and developed model ordinances.

1986 - Santa Clara County held a public hearing, and each county adopted a resolution or ordinance to ban truck-trailer combinations over 45 feet in length along Hecker Pass. The cities of Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and Watsonville also adopted resolutions supporting this restriction. A 1986 report published supporting data, including the limited roadway width and winding alignment, truck-involved accidents, and the alternate route available (Route 129).

Municipal Codes

Santa Cruz County Municipal Code: Select Title 9 - Roads, Vehicle and Traffic, and select 9.50 "Vehicle Length Restrictions.

Santa Clara County Munipal Code: Select Title B - Regulations, and Division B17 "Streets and Highways," and Section B17-5.1.