Special Route Restriction History - Route 1 at Malibu


Through Malibu, from Topanga Canyon Blvd. (State Route 27) (Route 1 PM LA 40.8) to Decker Rd. (Route 1 PM LA 59.9).


"No through trucks or truck and trailer combinations with 4 or more axles. (Otherwise, route is California Legal.)"


Winter 1979 - Major rock slides necessitated the construction of a barrier, and the reduction of the four-lane road with traversable median to three lanes.

May 17, 1979 - Caltrans Executive Order No. 79-2 was signed by District 7 Deputy Director, Engineering and Operations, temporarility prohibiting the passage of trucks with four or more axles, with the exception of deliveries and pickups, until the slide unloading project was complete and the road was restored to four lanes, which was projected to be May 1980. The legal basis for the prohibition was Streets & Highways Code Section 124.

Winter 1979-80 - Additional slide activity took place that caused significant uplifting of the pavement.

May 20, 1980 - Los Angeles County approved a resolution to permanently ban trucks, and truck and trailer combinations, with 4 or more axles on Route 1 from the Ventura/Los Angeles County line to the west city limits of Los Angeles, pursuant to CVC Section 21101(c) and 21104.

June 3, 1980 - Ventura County adopted a resolution opposing the truck ban.

June 10, 1980 - A new Caltrans executive order extended the prohibition for 110 days so that an engineering recommendation could be made.

August 14, 1980 - A public hearing was conducted in Los Angeles County in August 1980.

October 31, 1980 - Caltrans approved the Los Angeles resolution for the permanent truck ban, except for a change in the limits of the restriction, due, in part, to a geological study that revealed unstable slopes caused by ground water problems. The new limits were from Topanga Canyon Road (Route 27) to Decker Road (Route 23).

STREETS AND HIGHWAYS CODE Section 124. The department may restrict the use of, or close, any State highway whenever the department considers such closing or restriction of use necessary: (a) For the protection of the public. (b) For the protection of such highway from damage during storms or during construction, improvement or maintenance operations thereon.