Motor Carrier Permit

The Motor Carrier Permit (MCP) is issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Following is a brief overview of MCP requirements. For more complete information, contact the DMV or visit the DMV website, per the instructions below.

In-State Carriers

A motor carrier who operates only within the state of California must obtain a "motor carrier of property" permit from the Motor Carrier Services Branch, MCP Operations Unit of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Out-of-State Carriers

An out-of-state motor carrier must obtain the MCP if Both delivering AND picking up loads in California and is subject to the Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005 (UCR) requirements. Additional information about UCR.

  • Proof of liability insurance.
  • Proof of workers compensation insurance (if applicable).
  • Possession of a carrier identification (CA) number issued by the CHP. If you are not sure if you have a CA number, you may contact CHP at (916) 843-4150 or the Motor Carrier Permit Operations Unit (see number below). You must obtain a CA number before applying for your MCP; then write the word ‘Pending’ in the CA number box on the Application for Motor Carrier Permit (DMV 706 MCP).  See info on obtaining and displaying CA numbers.
  • Possession of a Requester Code Number. A motor carrier who employs commercial drivers is required to be enrolled in the Employer Pull Notice program and furnish their Requester Code Number. An owner/operator (defined as one power unit and no more than three towed vehicles) is not required to obtain a Requester Code Number, but is required to furnish his/her driver license number on the application for a motor carrier of property permit; DMV will act as their employer.

Contact DMV

For more information on the Motor Carrier Permit, see this DMV website: Motor Carrier Permit Program

After visiting the DMV website, you may contact the MCP Operations Unit at (916) 657-8153.