Log Haulers Weight Exemptions

Following is a selective paraphrase of the CVC. It is not guaranteed and may be subject to change.

Per California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 35552, trucks and vehicle combinations hauling logs have the following weight exceptions:

  1. The maximum weight of one set of tandem axles is 1,500 pounds more than the standard 34,000 pounds, for a total of 35,500 pounds.
  2. The maximum combined weight of two sets of consecutive tandem axles is 69,000 pounds, provided that the gross weight on any one set of tandems does not exceed 35,500 pounds, and that the distance from the first axle to the last axle in the two-tandem set is 34 feet or more.
  3. If any gross weights are exceeded, the non-exempted maximum weights in Section 35551 shall be used to determine fines for violations, except that
  4. If the total gross weight for two consecutive sets of tandem axles is exceeded, and if the distance between the first and last axle of the sets is 34 feet or more, then the allowed weight on the two consecutive sets shall be considered 68,000 pounds for purposes of determining fines for violations.
  5. These weight exempted log haulers shall not operate on the National Network (NN). To determine which routes are NN, see the California Truck Network in QuickMap